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Tuesday, November 04, 2008 Upset, Community Member, asks

Q: My Ac1 test came back 8.0 How bad is this

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Cherise Nicole, Health Guide
11/ 7/08 9:22pm



Hi. I understand why you would be upset 8.0 is kinda high, most Endo's want to see you under 6.0.  You may need to change the amount of carbs you are eating and exercise.  The lower your A1C is on a 3 month average is better for you, it means you are a little less likely to develop complications from diabetes...i.e. neuropathy, kidney disease and much more.  You should talk to your Doctor to see if he can make any recommendations for you...  Have a great weekend.



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jeffw51, Community Member
4/25/12 4:03pm

mine is 9.6

Alexis, Community Member
11/ 5/08 4:05pm

It's not so bad to have your A1C level 8.0 but the normal A1C level should be 6.0 so its not really bad but you just have to get your sugars a little bit better.

Mom, Community Member
11/ 6/08 1:22pm

My research is anything over 7 can begin to damage your organs.  High sugar levels put stress on all of your organs.  The American Diabetes Association has a chart that shows what sugar levels equal to the A1C numbers.  Your average sugar level shouldn'g really be over 120, which is between 6 and 7.  The easiest way to get your average down is to eat less more often so your levels don't spike and drop.

As It Is, Community Member
5/14/09 7:53am

Really depends on the type of diabetes you have.  Diabetes is an umbrella term that describes many different varieties.  But for any, to get your AC1 down, talk to your doctor and a nutritionist.  Eating less isn't always the answer and isn't necessarily good advice.  You should base your carbohydrate intake according to what a trained nutritionist advises.  Forums like this are great for encouragement, but only take advice from certified professionals or you can get into serious health issues. 

tannie, Community Member
7/ 7/10 9:46am

an AC1 test measures how high your sugars have ran over a period of time, a result of 6 or under is usually ok but higher than a 6 is not good and a doctors care is apt for immediate attention.

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