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  • picklebird November 12, 2010
    November 12, 2010

    There are tons of information on diabetes on the internet. You will be sorting this out for weeks. Take it a day at a time and keep learning. I liked "Blood Sugar 101: What They Don't Tell You about Diabetes."


    No one knows why diabetes happens. You may read that for type II, it is triggered with risk factors of weight gain and physical inactivity, but in reality, the researchers do not really know why it happens. Ditto for type I, "pancreas shutting down."  Whatever type your husband has, it is definitely not due to something he did or failed to do.


    The weight loss is happening because his body cells are not getting the energy (glucose) that they need. Insulin from the pancreas is needed to transport glucose into the body cells and if this is not happening, then it is as if the body cells are starving. More fat is burned off trying to create more energy, hence the weight loss.




    • kristy
      November 17, 2010
      November 17, 2010

      i waqnt to thank you for your help we wre told his pancreas is posibilty working that is what we were told monday november 15th and now the dr. wants to talk to him again and i am really worried again i dont understand them

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