• Bronwyn Bronwyn
    September 23, 2009
    Does Chia seed prevent digestion of medication and vitamins?
    Bronwyn Bronwyn
    September 23, 2009

    I want to use chia seed but am concerned that it may be prevent the absorption of my  medications.  Yesterday. I took my meds and chia seed at the same time and later in the day my doctor checked my blood pressure.  It was higher than expected and I am concerned about it's affects on absorbing medications.  I do not plan on taking the chia seed at the same time that I take my medication.  Does anyone know how much time I should wait after taking the medications until I take the chia seeds?  My understanding is that chia seed slows digestion and assists in keeping blood sugar low.  This appears to be the case with me.  It reduced my hunger by making me feel full.   I searched online on google but did not find the information I needed.  In David Mendosa's column about Chia seeds someone noted that this might be a problem. I am a type two diabetic.



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