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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Danita, Community Member, asks

Q: is colon cleansing ok for diabetics

i am an insulin dependent diabetic and would like to do a colon cleansing.  i would like to know if it is safe and if so what brand should i use?

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Aggie, Community Member
6/19/08 3:25pm

Colon cleansing is neither safe nor necessary for anyone. Look it up at reputable medical sites online or go to


Don't do it! The colon is designed to work fine without any intrusive "cleaning". That oft repeated mantra about there being all sorts of toxins in the body is nonsense.

XX, Community Member
1/10/09 12:35am

Our bodies were designed to heal its self and provide what it needs provided it gets fed the proper fuel whick we do not eat the proper foods these days. That is the biggest reaon so many people are being diagnosed with diebetes. Then yes there are years and years of toxins and left over foods that do not digest well in the foods today just like the build up inside water pipes in our homes or in a car radiator so I think that it is wise and needed to clean our colons periodically. Many of our health issues come from clogged colons. Don't believe it Aggie, talk to a coroner! 

MissMeliss, Community Member
11/13/09 11:18am

Danita - dont listen to the above replies - there is no medical proof that states your body doesnt 'need' colonics. The bottom line is your body will function better with a clean colon then a dirty one.  I've been getting colonics for some time now and I can tell you the benefits are amazing. Better energy, weight loss, clearer skin, etc. just check with your doctor beforehand. Good luck!

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