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People Who Are Living With Diabetes

Dr. Bill Quick

Dr. Bill Quick, Health Pro

Physician who is living with diabetes; editor of

6 Questions To Ask About Diabetes Camps

If you have a child with diabetes, or if you have time to volunteer to help and have some fun, you should be looking for a nearby diabetes camp, and signing up now.


The main reason for diabetes camps is camaraderie: some kids with diabetes might never have met another person their age with diabetes before attending camp.... Read moreChevron

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David Mendosa

David Mendosa, Health Guide

Medical Journalist Living with Diabetes and Author of Fitness and Photography for Fun,

Using Pedometers For Motivation

When I recently visited my friend John in Northern California for five days, I thought that we might take some walks.  But I hadn’t counted on his new pedometer.


John and I both have type 2 diabetes and get out in nature a lot. But now that he wears a pedometer all the time, he hikes almost every day. And every... Read moreChevron

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Gretchen Becker

Gretchen Becker, Health Guide

Author, Humorist,

Diabetes Risk and Blood Glucose

Is a blood glucose (BG) level above 100 mg/dL in someone who doesn’t have diabetes something to worry about?


Most of us would say no. Many nondiabetics go up to about 120 mg/dL, sometimes even a little higher, after meals. But... Read moreChevron

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Ann Bartlett

Ann Bartlett, Health Guide

Wellness Center Owner, living with type 1 diabetes

Probiotics: Could They be the Next Generation of Diabetes Drugs?



As a professional in the holistic business, I am one who believes that food plays a role in our health. How we choose food makes a huge difference in what is... Read moreChevron

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Monica Cohee

Monica Cohee, Community Member

I have had T2 since 1991

Weight Loss Journey

Life is challenging and it’s been awhile since I wrote a sharepost. I have always been inspired by David Mendosa, he is my superhero! I have followed David for years since we are diabetics. He got the secret to Byetta when he went on maintenance but I didn't.  You say there is a secret? Well not really! Let me explain what never sank... Read moreChevron

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