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Our trial has been extended!

The trial in Denver has been approved to be extended to ages 6 and above, and to 5 years since diagnosis! Read moreChevron

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Shelly Young, LPC

Shelly Young, LPC, Health Guide


Patience over Anger in Diabetes Management for Care & Control Long Term

Having diabetes or any chronic illness requires lots of patience. I once had a male companion who needed to check his blood glucose level and take an insulin injection before every meal. I recall his impatience as well as my own, when we traveled and were hungry and would finally find a restaurant. Having any chronic illness requires the... Read moreChevron

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Nordic Walking USA

Nordic Walking USA, Community Member

I host FREE Nordic Walking Clinics for Diabetes, MS + PD Support Groups

The Correct Length Nordic Walking Poles Can Radically Help To Improve Balance, Stability And Gait

Nordic Walking Poles Improve Balance!

Nordic Walking Poles when used correctly and when using the perfect length poles are empowering millions to walk taller, comfortably, more effectively and with more... Read moreChevron

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Share and Support Newsletter is Going Monthly!

In an effort to give you the most comprehensive information on your health conditions, we're delivering a monthly newsletter jam packed with useful information on the conditions you care about. We believe the change will help keep you informed without cluttering your e-mail inbox with weekly newsletters. Please let us know what you think of the... Read moreChevron