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Symptoms of type 1 diabetes includes frequent urination, unusual thirst, extreme hunger, and sudden weight loss.  Children with type 1 diabetes are often restless, apathetic, and have trouble functioning in school.

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I woke up pretty late today, around 11am. I really didn't feel like getting up at all because I was still really tired.   I was woken up by a ringing house phone that I ignored, then a cell phone with my husband on the other end. Then my mom coming downstairs to get the laundry and reminding me that we were going out today. (I live in my…

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Renee Culver, Health Guide, answered Cause of a sore, orange, furry tongue Gary,   The tongue has long been a signal to doctors of overall health. If…


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Amy Tudor, Health Guide, answered Can diabetes cause hot flashes? Hi Miss Lilly,   The best person to ask this question of is your doctor, who can…


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Ann Bartlett, Health Guide, answered PANCREAS PAIN The best advice I can offer is that you need to see the doctor, it may not be related to the type 1…


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Ann Bartlett, Health Guide, answered Why is it that my son that has type 1… Hi Erica, I tried to have our expert Dr. Fran Cogan answer this, but she…


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