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Pre-diabetes is characterized by a higher-than-normal blood glucose, but the condition carries no symptoms.  With over 54 million Americans age 20 and older exhibiting pre-diabetes, individuals experiencing even mild symptoms should consult a doctor for diagnosis and to potentially begin treatment to reverse the pre-diabetes.

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[Humor]   The advice we get from our doctors usually makes medical sense. But following it is not easy.   You know: Eat less. Exercise more. Stick yourself with needles. Hey, that's no fun.   On the other hand, the advice we get from Quack Gretchen, MD (no relation, of course) usually makes no sense whatsoever. But at least it's painless.…

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Gretchen Becker, Health Guide, commented on Beginning to Address Weight, Blood… Susan, I have nothing to do with the Feinglos book.




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