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Am I At Risk?

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Obesity is the primary risk factor in the development of Type 2 diabetes.  Inactive lifestyle, family history of the disease, history of disease in the blood vessels of the heart and race are all contributing factors.  African American, Hispanic, Native American and Asian American populations, for example, are often at a higher risk of developing the condition.

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The first genetic test available to determine a risk factor for type 2 diabetes recently became available. I just beta tested and discussed it with the company’s CEO and several other officials. DNA Direct, a privately funded company in San Francisco, offers the test of this gene that can lead to diabetes.An Icelandic company named deCode…

Am I At Risk?
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Dr. Bill Quick, Health Pro, posted Do toxins in the Drinking Water Raise… A recent publication in JAMA, Arsenic Exposure and Prevalence of Type…




David Mendosa, Health Guide, commented on DNA Testing for Type 2 Diabetes Risk… Dear Gretchen,Very interesting. I never thought of that, but you are so…




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