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What is Diabetes?

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Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90 percent of cases, where over 19 million Americans are affected.  Type 2 diabetes starts with an "insulin resistance" stage, where the body does not allow for glucose to properly travel to where it is needed.  After this stage, the pancreas, which produces the insulin for the body, is no longer able to do so, resulting in the necessity for insulin to be injected from an outside source.

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More and more research pinpoints inflammation as a root cause of type 2 diabetes. Being overweight makes it harder for us to control our diabetes, but that can't be what causes it. Since a lot more people are overweight or obese than have diabetes, weight alone can't lead to diabetes. No one ever demonstrated that obesity causes diabetes or even…

What is Diabetes?
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David Mendosa, Health Guide, commented on Inflammation: The Root of Diabetes I do understand the cravings, both in theory and in my personal experience. And some…




Cherise Nicole, Health Guide, answered can type two diabetes go away? Yatarrie-   Hi! I would love to tell you diabetes of any sort can go away but just…


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Kelsey Bonilla, Health Guide, answered Can type 2 diabetes manifest into type 1 Hello,   Typically, type 2 diabetes cannot manifest into type 1. …


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