Friday, February 24, 2017

Apps for your phone

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When it comes to diabetes apps for your smart phone, it seems there are three types of applications available: tracking, databases, and communication with your healthcare provider. The apps have the ability to alarm, and allow for insertion of blood sugar results, carbohydrate counts, and insulin amounts. 

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The A1CNow meter for checking the key level of sugar in our blood is back. Chek Diagnostics, which changed its name from Polymer Technology Systems on March 27, just started shipping this meter that lets us check our A1C level at home.   I reported here on December 24 in “A Christmas Gift to People with Diabetes with Polymer” that the…

Apps for your phone
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John S. Bell, Health Guide, posted Weight Loss Apps to Help Manage Type 2… This week's column comes from the family farm where we are snowed in yet…




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