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Diabetes Symptoms

What is considered normal? When should you be concerned? Check a symptom with our symptom checker, if you have not already been diagnosed. It will tell you exactly what to look for and when a trip to the doctor is in order.

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Symptom Checker: Get Accurate, Personal Results

Symptom Checker
Use this tool to check a symptom that you or a loved one is experiencing by clicking on the affected body part. The symptom checker allows you to search by gender, and by adult or child.
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GM100 Blood Glucose Meter
Learn about the warning signs of Type 1 diabetes in children and adults.
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Type 2 diabetes mellitus emerges slowly in your body. Find out what to watch for.
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Avoiding a Diabetes Diagnosis: Is it possible?

Diabetes Prevention

Can type 1 and type 2 diabetes be prevented? Our doctor on prevention and cures, here.
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