Meet Our Community

Our community pages go behind the faces of mothers, writers and doctors who are sharing their ups and downs of living with or caring for someone with diabetes.

  • Meet Dr. Bill Quick
    Dr. Bill Quick is a trailblazer in the fight against diabetes. 
  • Meet David Mendosa
    Journalist David Mendosa is winning the battle over type 2 diabetes.
  • Meet Mary Kate Cary
    As a parent of a diabetic, Mary Kate Cary is active in fundraising for diabetic research.
  • Meet Amy Tenderich
    Amy Tenderich is a freelance journalist who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult.
  • Meet Traci Richards
    Traci Richards is a healthcare executive and co-founder of HealthCue. She can help you navigate the through the healthcare system.
  • Meet Stephen M. Schuster, Jr., Esq.
    Steve Schuster is a healthcare attorney and co-founder of HealthCue. He can help you navigate through the healthcare system.