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First of all, welcome to the club! You have been diagnosed with a chronic disorder that you can live with (but which if ignored, you could die from).  Although there's no cure for diabetes, there's lots of hope for even better ways to treat it than ever before.

Become educated: There's lots of mis-information out there, so be careful: your family and friends, the Internet, and even physicians may mention erroneous ideas, so become educated and your own advocate; indeed, you are the most important member of your diabetes team! You now will be eating healthier, exercising more, and paying more attention to your health than you ever thought possible. --Dr. Bill Quick, LADA


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Okay, take a deep breath because this will be challenging...but the more you pay attention, the more you learn and the harder you try, the easier it gets! The best part? You will have one of the greatest motivations to live as healthfully as you can. Some days are harder than others, so take it one day at a time. 

--Ginger, type 1



1. Keep in mind that diabetes is not your fault. Both type 1 and type 2 have a strong genetic component.

2. Knowledge is your best friend. Your doctors will help, but they can't be with you 24/7, so you will be the key person in controlling your diabetes.

Learn as much about it as you can.

3. Remember the saying that the best way to live a long life is to get a chronic disease, because it makes you take care of yourself. Many people who take charge of their type 2 diabetes lose weight, start exercising, eat healthy foods that are actually tastier than the junk foods they've been eating, and feel healthier and more energetic than they have in years.

4. Think positive. Diabetes can't be cured yet, but it can be controlled.

With knowledge, you can succeed.

--Gretchen Becker, type 2


To Adults:

You are not sick. You have a chronic disease that you can manage with lots of support, education and pure tenacity. You will learn to control your blood sugar and when you do you will feel much better.

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