Diabetes Diet

If you're battling diabetes, eating right can save your life. Find resources to eat right here -- and scroll down for diabetic recipes!

Weight Control for Diabetics

The American Diabetes Association recommends that patients aim for a small but consistent weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week. Learn tips to help manage your weight.

Diabetes Diet: The ADA's Recommendations

General Guidelines

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A diabetes diet can seem daunting at first. We can help! Start here and get the basic facts on a diabetic diet.
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Diabetes Diet Recommendations

  • Major Food Components
    Striking a delicate balance with carbohydrates and other need-to-know facts. Find out which food categories play an important role in the Diabetes Diet.
  • diabetic exchange lists
    Diabetic Exchange Lists
    Though most CDEs, doctors and nutritionists suggest carb counting, some people still use diabetic exchange lists to monitor their food intake. Find general rules and exchanges here.
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    Diabetic Exchange Diet
    For exchange diet instructions and a food list, click here.
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    The Glycemic Index
    People are still arguing about the usefulness of the glycemic index, which ranks different foods according to how much they raise blood glucose.
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    Weight Control
    Controlling your diet is a key to effectively managing diabetes. Learn tips from the ADA on how to get fit and stay slender here.
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    Diabetic Exchange Lists
    Tips on keeping your carbohydrates fiber-rich and avoiding saturated fats.

The Low-Carb Argument

Carbohydrates: To eat or not to eat?

The ADA says 45% to 65% of a diabetic diet should be carbs; our experts disagree. Read more on the ADA's position and read our expert's opinions on the benefits of a low-carb diet. 
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Diabetes Recipes

Find Healthy & Delicious Meal Ideas!

Salad Recipe
We've listed the best ADA-approved and low-carb diabetes recipes just for you! 
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Confused by Nutrition Facts?

Learn How To Read Food Labels

The info on the back of food packages is great, but what does it mean? Learn how to decode food labels here! 
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Diabetes Diet Quizzes!

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    Do you know your portion sizes?
    The key to almost any diet is moderation. Do you know how much food your supposed to be putting on your plate? Take our quiz and find out!