Insulin Drug Facts and Information

The First 2 Months After Switching to Insulin

Find out all the questions you should be asking now that you've started taking insulin.

Insulin Drug Information

Insulin facts, usage, and side effects

Insulin, diabetes, pump
Access a complete guide to information on insulin from our drug database. 
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Additional Insulin Resources

  • pancreas, diabetes, diabetic diet, insulin
    Introduction to Insulin 
    Images of the pancreas and liver round out this overview of how insulin works in the body.
  • The Insulin Index
    Diabetes Expert David Mendosa talks about a study on the correlation between glycemic index values and insulin index values. 
  • insulin, diabetes, pump
    Insulin Pump
    See an illustration along with a description of how and where an insulin pump is inserted.
  • runner, exercise
    Insulin Treatment for Type 1s
    Instructions on the different methods to achieve insulin control for patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Insulin Effects: Question & Answer

Insulin in the News