Learn about Type 2 Diabetes medication Januvia.

The Januvia Basics

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    Uses and How to Use     
    Learn about the the proper use of Januvia, including the best type of lifestyle associated with its consumption. 
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    Dosage and Storage
    Read about what to do in case you miss a dosage, how to best store the medication, and extra helpful information about the use of Januvia.
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    Precautions and Side Effects
    Read about general side effects you should look out for when taking this medication.
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    Drug Interactions
    Are you taking other medications? Read about drug interactions between Januvia and other commonly prescribed medications.
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What the Experts Are Saying...

J is for Januvia        

Featured Expert, David Mendoza, shares his expert insight on Januvia. Read about why he believes that it could be wise to not immediately get on this medication. 
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