Support Groups

Diabetes Support Groups

Are you looking for someone who understands what you’re going through? Someone who’s been there and lived through it? Joining a support group could be just the ticket to finding the listening ears and helpful tips you need.

Defeat Diabetes
A nonprofit organization with a comprehensive list of support groups organized by state, county and city.

Children with Diabetes
An online community for parents, kids, adults and families living with Type 1 diabetes with a list of support groups by state.

Ashley's Diabetes Information Center
A personal site maintained by a parent with a diabetic daughter that includes a state-by-state listing of support groups and a mailing list for diabetic teens.

Yahoo Groups
An email support/”encouragement” group for discussing diabetes, both type 1 and 2. The group’s more than 1500 members have been sharing eating plans, exercises and medication information since 1998.

American Diabetes Association: ADA Live
A series of live question and answer sessions on topics related to diabetes and healthy living featuring authors, dietitians, pharmacists and other special guests.

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