How Running Could Slow the Aging Process

Pete Editor
  • You may want to think about dusting off your sneakers and hitting the pavement. Researchers are reporting that running can slow the aging process. So start running and delay Mother Nature's cruel aging process.


    Fox News is reporting that 500 runners were tracked by scientists for 20 years. The elderly runners were healthy overall and were less likely to die early deaths than non-runners.


    If you are interested in the logistics, read a detailed report of the study from Stanford University of Medicine.


    When researchers began the study in 1984, the majority believed a high-impact activity, like running, would do more harm than good to an elderly athlete.

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    As people get older their lifestyles naturally get less active, but researchers are encouraging the elderly to take part in any physical activity, even tasks such as cleaning the house and walking the dog.


    If you are going to start an exercise program, consult your doctor before beginning and check our guide to Running for the Older Athlete.


    If running isn't for you, any kind of physical activity will increase your overall health and possibly your life span. So, move just a little.

Published On: August 13, 2008