The Morning Banana Diet

Pete Editor
  • A trendy banana diet, which promised weight loss if a banana and a room-temperature glass of water are ingested ever morning, has swept through Japan causing a banana shortage.  Skeptical? Us too. 


    When on the banana diet, you can eat anything you want for lunch, a 3p.m. snack, and anything you want for dinner as long as it is eaten before 8p.m.  You must also go to bed before midnight and cut out desserts.


    The diet was designed by a pharmacist in Osaka, Japan, who was trying to help her husband lose weight - 37 pounds to be exact.  The couple wrote about the diet on a Japanese social network in March and since then over 700,000 copies of the Morning Banana Diet book has been sold, according to Time.

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    It seems unclear as to how or why this is fad diet would work, but one this is clear -it is a fad. Bananas are a healthy part of any diet because they are rich in potassium and have been said to ease stomach pain.

Published On: October 17, 2008