Get Your Mojo Back with Yoga

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  • Mojo is defined in the urban dictionary as self-confidence, ability to bounce back from a challenging period, sex appeal, charm, talent, and personal magnetism.


    One may feel as if they've lost their "Mojo" when they are blue, under the weather, recovering from a loss, feeling insecure, tired, unmotivated, depressed, suffering from low sex drive, or stressed out. These shifts in your personal energy are natural especially when going through challenging periods in your life and should be respected. There are times when you feel on top of the world and there are other times when you feel more introspective, sad, perhaps emotionally wounded and need down time to heal. These are periods we need to respect. At such moments it is important to go inside, reconnect, think, work things through mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you are suffering from ongoing fatigue or depression it is always best to seek professional help.

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    But, if you feel like you've lost your "mojo" temporarily, your zest for life, personal spark, inner glow then you might find that yoga can help bring you back to your natural vibrant state. There are a myriad of ways that yoga can lift your spirit, jump- start your energy and re-charge your life-force battery.


    Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means union. The purpose is to unite mind, body and spirit. We create a balance between mind and body in order to attain self-enlightenment. I experience this union as connecting to my inner self and also connecting with the energy of the universe, which we are all a part of. For me it's a feeling of being "plugged in". When you feel calm and connected you naturally feel more at ease, lighter, more energetic and positive.


    On a very practical level yoga has the power to balance us whether we are feeling anxious and wired, or low energy and unmotivated. We strive to bring ourselves into what we call a "Satvic" or balanced state.



    One of the most important components to feeling energetic, and vibrant is being well rested. Studies have shown that the quality of sleep, even for chronic insomniacs improved within eight weeks of a regular yoga practice. If you practice yoga you will likely sleep better which in turn will boost your mood and energy level. Less Fatigue=More Energy=More Passion for Life!


    Prana: Live Force Energy

    Prana is breath, which in yoga equals life force energy. My passion is teaching Pranayama (breathing exercises and meditations). The breath is a very powerful tool and it is always available to us. Breathing practices are simple, natural and practical. The best breathing exercise for re-vitalizing and energizing is a kriya (cleansing practice) called Kappalabhati. When I am feeling tired or a bit blue Kappalabhati is the first thing I do. It is a very powerful breathing technique and should be taught by an experienced teacher. It energizes by oxygenating the blood. The shift in energy and mood you feel after this practice is immediate and profound. Kappalabhati in Sanskrit means "Shining Skull". I feel like it also sweeps my mind clear of fearful, obsessive or negative thoughts.


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    Sensual Energy

    In our practice we learn to engage the root lock Bandha called "Mula Bandha". We practice this bandha in breathing practices as well as asanas. This root lock creates energy from within and stimulates heat. By contracting the perineum and drawing the energy up from the base of the spine, one can intensify the life force energy. This creates increased vitality. It is best to learn how to engage your bandhas with an experienced teacher.


    Studies have also shown that people who practice yoga gain less weight as they age then people who don't practice. Feeling fit physically helps us feel strong mentally and also more confidant. Yoga helps us develop an appreciation for our bodies whatever our size or shape, which in turn helps boost our self-esteem and body image. Getting in touch with our body and our breath makes us feel more connected and aware of all the subtle sensations in our body. Feeling more connected and comfortable with our bodies awakens our sensuality.



    A simple and effective way to boost your mood is to practice heart openers (back-bends) and inversions (going upside-down). Just elevating your legs up the wall for ten minutes in Viparita Karani can relax your nervous system, boost your metabolism, calm your mind and help change your out-look. Everything shifts and appears different when you go up side down! Give it a whirl....

    Focus and Stress Reduction

    Yoga not only relaxes us physically but also helps relax our minds. Through breathing practices and meditation we learn to train our selves to come back to the present moment. The first thing you may notice after practicing yoga is that you feel happy, at peace and tranquil, perhaps for the first time in a long time. When I first started practicing yoga I felt like I was walking on air after class. Yoga teaches us to breathe deeply which boosts oxygen levels to the brain, elevates mood, heightens awareness and promotes concentration. This serves us in all aspects of our lives.


    So if you are feeling like you've lost your "Mojo" why not give Yoga a Go!!

    I look forward to hearing from you!




Published On: April 05, 2011