Two Minute Workouts

  • No gimmicks; two minute workouts can change your life. For some people, a two minute workout is double what they normally do which is nothing. For others, a two minute workout scheduled throughout the day can be a way to reconnect with the body to the mind. For anyone, small daily amounts of exercise can prevent pain, improve health, and promote weight loss. A two minute workout is a great starting point for transformation. Four key areas of the body are usually in desperate need of some daily attention: the shoulders, the buttocks, the abdomen, and the legs. Because of the growingly sedentary lifestyle lead by many in this society, almost anyone could use a two minute workout in these four areas.

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    Recently some scientist proved that, in as little as two minutes per day of exercise for the shoulders, people with frequent neck and shoulder pain experienced significant improvements in the amount of pain and tenderness. The volunteers in this study exercised with elastic tubing for a little as two minutes and as much as 12 minutes, both groups experienced benefits. This proves that in as little as two minutes per day exercise does go a long ways.


    If back or leg pain is a problem, simple two minute butt exercises can help tone the tush. While sitting at a desk, all one has to do is squeeze and hold the buttocks for two minutes. Activating these muscle helps to awaken them from a deep slumber of sitting.  Another favorite two minute workout for the buttock muscles is to practice standing on one leg. The ability to stand on one leg is a key component for walking. Improved balance can significantly help pains in the back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet. With improved balance, falls are also prevented. Because the buttock muscles provide a base of support for the entire body, a two minute butt workout is a wonderful thing.


    Speaking of wonderful, wouldn't it be wonderful to have a flat abdomen? Two minutes of exercise may not be enough for "six-pack abs", but a small amount of daily abdominal exercises can at least turn some forgotten muscle back on. Women especially lose touch with the abdominal muscles because of all the things that can happen to the muscles in that region. For example, pregnancy and hysterectomies are common themes among women who experience back pain. Why? Both of these events turn off the abdominal muscles which act as the built in corset for the low back.  Thus, the most effective and significant exercise for anyone who experiences some periodic back pain is abdominal muscle activation.


    Finally, the last region of the body that should not be neglected is the legs. Again, a sedentary lifestyle leads to leg weakness which makes it more and more difficult to even get out of a chair especially as one gets older. The simple task of arising from a seated position exercises large muscles from the hips down to the feet. With proper sit to stand body mechanics, this exercise can be done safely at home, at work or on vacation in as little as two minutes per day.


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    Overall, two minutes workouts make sense because these workouts are convenient, efficient, and effective. Two minute workouts are easy to adhere to. And adhering to an exercise program is the only way to make change happen. By exercising the shoulders, buttocks, abdomen, and legs for two minutes each day, that amount of time totals eight minutes. Anyone can schedule eight minutes per day for a total body workout in order to prevent pain and improve health. No huge time commitments, no excuses. Just get started because minutes per day can keep the doctor away.


Published On: February 13, 2011