HHS Small Step Program Hopes to March Americans Towards Better Health

  • "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." Lao Tzu


    Whether your goal is to walk a thousand miles, climb a mountain or loss 20 pounds, you must begin taking small steps in the right direction towards that goal. Knowing this, the Health and Human Services Department developed a self-help website geared towards helping people make those small steps towards improving health and wellbeing. You might notice some ads about it during your favorite television program. The program is called the "Small Step" program which has information that would appeal to all ages.


    One aspect of the Small Step website serves up some truth serum about the consequences and problems that come with obesity and poor health. This bleak reminder is meant to help motivate an individual to change. Contemplating change is a good step in the right direction.

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    The next step would be to set some goals. You might have some activity goals in mind or you might have some nutritional goals in mind. The Small Step program can help you plot a pathway from point "A" to point "B". Each step along that pathway is dependent on a choice, a choice to do something different than what you normally would do. You have to try different things in order to change. If you normally take the elevator, try the stairs. If you normally drink 2% milk, try 1% milk. Each choice represents a step towards your goal.


    Even a young child can benefit from the Small Step program with its interactive tools, fun graphics and quizzes. If more parents and teachers directed children towards this public health education website, the nationwide epidemic of childhood obesity could be eliminated. All of the tips found at the Small Step website can serve as a foundation for a healthy life.


    After beginning to takes steps towards becoming healthier, you must keep taking steps in the right direction and guard against taking steps backwards. Although the Small Step program does not address strategies to prevent one from returning to the old habits and choices, it does offer local resources in many states which may have a regular blog or meeting to support each step of the way.


    On your journey, the first step may be the most important step, but all the steps matter because, one after another, each step adds up to a final goal. The Small Step program can serve as your guide, one step at a time, towards improved health and wellbeing. Start with your first step today, don't look back and keep moving forward; you will be glad you did.


Published On: January 03, 2012