Fitness in Focus: How to maintain your exercise routine while traveling

  • Being on the go is not an excuse for slacking on your exercise commitment. Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, exercise is a daily habit that should be incorporated into your life no matter where your travels take you. Do you stop brushing your teeth when you travel? Do you stop taking baths or showers? No of course not, you continue these daily habits no matter where you are if at all possible. So, why would you stop exercising? In fact, exercise is even more important while you are traveling because you want to improve blood flow, charge the metabolism and release good chemicals in the brain. And finding ways to exercise is simpler and easier while traveling than you might think.

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    Instead of the same old boring routine you have at home, now you get to experience new surroundings and new activities while you are away. Taking a walk or a run through a new area is stimulating and inspiring. Exploring your new environment with your curious mind can propel you through a thirty minute jaunt effortlessly. Some places even offer new types of activities that would not normally be available to you at home like yoga, geocaching, swimming or mountain climbing. Get inspired and stay fit.


    If you are staying at a hotel with a fitness facility, this is your opportunity to try the latest equipment or equipment that you do not have at home. Maybe you will find a piece of equipment that you really enjoy. Maybe you will want one of your own. Note the brand and when you get home, search for it in the used commercial fitness equipment market. Take advantage of the fitness opportunities that your travels give you and do not forget to pack your workout clothes.


    Even if you do not have a fitness facility where you are staying, you can still make fitness happen. Once I saw a homeless man doing push-ups on a street corner. He was not there for money. He was just giving himself a gift, the gift that exercise brings to the human body. If a homeless man can find ways to exercise, so can you. No fancy equipment required. Rain or shine. Where ever you are, you can work- out. Get back to the basics: squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and even jumping jacks. This is not rocket science, this is exercise. And only you can make fitness happen, no matter where you are.


    On the beach, in a city, at an airport, or in a hotel room, your commitment to exercise should not fail you now. Now, more than ever, you need the exercise to burn those calories from eating unhealthy foods while you travel. (Unless, you have read my post about how to eat healthy foods while traveling) You need exercise to drain your energy and boost the good chemicals in your brain. You will sleep better and you will feel better if you exercise while you travel.


Published On: February 13, 2012