Fitness in Focus: 10 Tips for Finding the Motivation

  • Do you have plans to start exercising, but are having trouble finding the motivation? Look no further. You need some tips about how to find the motivation to take action. Feeling an urge or desire to do something is sometimes not enough to take those first steps. And persevering through a busy time schedule, bad weather or other excuses requires a certain amount of dedication and the ability to maintain your motivation.  Although a lucky few are self-starters and fully self-motivated, a majority of people need a little extra something to get into gear. Hopefully something on this list will click your fitness plan into action.

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    1. Friends: An exercise buddy or group of buddies can provide enough peer pressure or support to not only get you started but keep you engaged in an exercise program. In fact, you will likely work out even harder when you are with somebody.
    2. Dogs:  Your four-legged friend with the big brown eyes needs to be walked on a regular basis to do his/her business. This becomes a great reason to get out and start a walking program. Maybe then you can find a buddy with a dog too. Dogs are probably the single biggest reasons people go for walks.
    3. Goals: Some people are very goal oriented. Put something to accomplish in front of them and they will go for it. If that sounds like you, set some fitness goals that pertain to your life. Like being able to climb three flights of stairs without taking a break. Or finding a mountain you wish to climb or a race you want to complete. Once that goal is accomplished, find another one.
    4. Value: Exercise may not be worth the effort to you if it has no value in it for you. Health and fitness may not be valuable enough for you in order to take some action. But if you have read this far, I’m guessing that you do value your health and fitness. Improving both is worth the effort.
    5. Reward: Nothing can be more motivating than a big reward. The very act of improving your health may be made even more valuable to you if there was some type of reward involved. Like rewarding yourself with a trip if you stick with an exercise program for six months. By that time, you’d probably look better in that bathing suit that you will be taking on your reward trip.
    6. Consequences: Of course, the flipside of rewards is consequences. I’m not saying you need to flog yourself; but you should deprive yourself of something if you do not start taking some action. For example, you could deprive yourself of those big burgers that you so enjoy until you start exercising. That way, your consequence can then become your reward.
    7. Fun: Persevering through all the excuses does take some strong dedication and discipline. Eventually, you might want to give up your exercise routine, especially if it is not fun or easy. If your exercise routine is something you enjoy, then you will likely get hooked on exercise.
    8. Competition: Maybe you are the really competitive type who likes to be challenged and likes to win. Then find a form of exercise that is competitive like swimming, cycling or running. Again, it is easy to get hooked on something you enjoy. A little healthy competition can be very motivating.
    9. Energy: At times a lack of motivation is really a lack of energy. If it feels like you are dragging your anchor around, you need to find ways to boost your energy. Maybe you need better sleep? Maybe you need to eat better? Maybe you need to eliminate chemicals which zap your energy? If you are not sure, talk to a professional about your energy levels because it might be a something that needs further investigation.
    10. You: Finding the motivation to start a fitness program is really about finding the motivation for change. You would not have read this far if you were not contemplating changing your life for the better. Let those sparks of change light the fire within you to start your fitness action plan now.
Published On: August 14, 2012