Sex in the Afternoon

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  • A lot of my patients find that as they get older, and by this I mean into their 40s and beyond, their sex life falls off some. It isn't lack of interest, though it is sometimes lack of the old degree of desire, but mostly it's that fatigue, lack of sleep, kids, and sometimes a couple of drinks with dinner, effectively drain the batteries.


    For many couples one of the solutions is to have sex earlier, while you still have energy - either in the afternoon if it is on the weekends, (or you are retired) - or in the early evening, before dinner. It is a time of day when you have more natural energy, and where the desire to sleep, in our sleep deprived society, doesn't compete with sex.

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    Another trick that works well for couples with kids still around the house is to check into a motel or hotel for the evening, when you are going out on a date together. You don't have to stay the night, just spend an hour or two, and make it the prelude to a nice relaxed dinner or movie. The freedom from the worry of the kids banging on the door, or simply having them around the house, combined with the relative freshness of the early evening, works wonders for many couples.

Published On: August 08, 2007