Never gain another pound!

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  • This is the fourth in a series on losing weight from our expert, Harry Lodge, co-author of Younger Next Year. You can check out his first post here.


    That's right. The first rule of weight loss is that this is not really about losing weight at all, it's about managing weight. It's not that hard to lose weight, and we will go through that in detail, but it's also not that hard to gain the weight back, and most people end up bouncing through any number of weight loss/weight gain cycles, each one of them one, two or 5 pounds heavier than before, which means that their setpoints march relentlessly upward over the years.

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    So whatever your current setpoint is, either close to your ideal weight, or far heavier than you would like, jealously guard it from any upward pressure.


    The next part in this seriews will talk more about this, but here's the first practical suggestion:


    Weigh yourself once a week

    Take your current weight as your setpoint, and never, ever go above it. If you're weighing yourself regularly, and you gain weight, you'll only be a pound or two up over the course of any given week. If that happens, instantly go on whatever radical crash diet you prefer to lose that weight. You can cut out alcohol, you can cut out desert, you can cut all meals in half, you can live on water and mayonnaise for a week, it really doesn't matter.


    Go on in an instant, high priority, crash diet, but ONLY to lose the pound or two it will take to get back your setpoint. DO NOT EVER diet to go below your setpoint!


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Published On: November 08, 2007