Do our Personal Efforts to Instigate Change Work? I Believe So – Part 2

Kara Bauer Health Guide
  • Sometimes when we set out to pursue a dream, initial failure can set us back or even have us give up completely. It’s during these moments that I believe we are being tested and challenged in order to push ourselves to grow where needed so that we can fulfill our intention or goal. If we want something bad enough, these moments can ultimately be the lessons that have us succeed. Alternatively, they can take us in a new direction that sometimes is a more authentic expression of who we are and ultimately a positive outcome of failure. Either way, I try to maintain the mindset that failure is a win-win no matter where it leads you. Easier said then done, but only we have the power over our thoughts and perception of an experience or lesson in life.

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    Luckily over the years I was working on the wellness center project, things continued to grow and people were beginning to take a genuine interest in how to take care of their health naturally, what the best foods were to succeed at that goal, how to stay fit and slim without traditional “diet” foods, what new ways of food preparation could make healthy eating interesting and effective. More vegetarian restaurants opened, the one juice bar became two, a raw food restaurant appeared (although ultimately shut down possibly due to its location), and a few organic co-op markets formed, increasing in sales week by week.

    In the past year, a few large speakers/advocates for natural health visited Argentina to lead workshops on food and healing. Many of the local organic farmers, medical doctors and restaurant owners attended these seminars, wanting to soak up as much information as they could. The media has since been publishing articles on topics such as vegetarianism, raw food, veganism, organic, natural foods and an array of other health related topics. The culture’s understanding of health and the connection between food, the body, the mind and disease has begun to turn.

    Just to clarify, I think it’s important to say that I by no means feel that those who don’t consume a 100% vegetarian or vegan/raw food diet are unhealthy. If you are someone who chooses to eat animal foods in moderation for example and can find free range/grass fed/mercury free organic sources and that works for you, then I support that 100%. But, I do feel that the lack of vegetables (whether raw or cooked), whole grains, healthy fats and organic foods consumed in Argentina as well as many other parts of the world, is a major health issue and one that is quite simple to address through education and personal experience.

    As luck, or rather intention would have it, a friend of mine eventually led me down a new path with more potential and less investment risk in line with my journey to be part of health education in Argentina. Inspired by my friend’s home based cupcake catering business and a concept I had experienced in Seattle, WA many years prior, this past year I opened up the first online vegetarian-vegan meal delivery service in Buenos Aires named Cocina Verde (or Green Kitchen in English).

  • The idea of the service is that people can select from 10 new dishes each week, 50% of which are raw live food and 50% of which are cooked and mostly vegan. This has provided an opportunity for people to buy healthy prepared foods each week and begin to learn about new foods that taste good while also contributing to their vitality, energy and overall well-being.

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    Although the growth has been slow and steady and certainly challenging, it’s been exciting to see people’s enthusiastic response to the service. People have begun to request classes to learn how to prepare the foods on their own and the genuine interest in getting healthier through nutrition amongst the Argentineans as well as foreigners living here has begun to take root through the joint effort of many.

    Recently, I made a trip to Uruguay and was excited to find others doing what they could to educate and change things there as well. For example, I met with a German woman who had started a Green Pages directory in her local area and was meeting with restaurant owners to educate and encourage them to offer a vegetarian dish on their menus. It’s clear that these grass roots efforts are the first step to making change and that the possibilities are endless.

    Although often times we think that there is a very little that one person can do to change things whether related to nutritional health (as is the case here in Argentina) or any other area of interest, I feel that this is simply not true. I believe very much in the power of attraction and the energetic flow of “creation” and that what we think is possible, is what actually is. I was recently reading about the 100th monkey effect, which says that once an idea or behavior has been adopted by a critical number of people, it then spreads amongst the masses. I think that many of us can find an example of this phenomenon in effect.

    I hope that my efforts as well as those of others who are currently working to educate people in the area of health will also see the results of this theory. I also hope that by reading this blog posting, if you haven’t already, you might be inspired to explore ways that you individually or in groups can influence change in areas you would like to see transformed. 

    I believe that we are all on this planet together, connected energetically in spirit and in heart, and that individually and together we can make a difference for all.

Published On: January 06, 2011