Actively Creating Your Vision for Your Life

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  • As I think about how to move my vegan meal delivery service to the next level, I have quickly realized how easy it is to lose motivation and inspiration, even in the work we love, when we are spending too many hours in the technical areas of our jobs or in this case, in the day to day operations of the businesses that we own. I’ve noticed that if we forget why we’re in business in the first place and what the passion or vision is behind the work or job we have chosen, the business itself can begin to deteriorate if for no other reason than simply our own burn out.

    Recently I was reading a book on small businesses that intelligently pointed out that the role of your business or even your job is to help you fulfill a vision that you have for your life, in other words your “primary aim”. If you are going to be successful and even more importantly in my view, happy, it’s important to actively visualize the future you are living into as if it already exists today. Rather than walking aimlessly and letting life happen to you, knowing, feeling and breathing your vision of life day to day will impact everything from the work you choose, the message you communicate to those you work with or your direct customers, and ultimately your personal and material success. If you wish to have your life be a certain way, you have to live your life now as if that life that you envision already exists.  “By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The non-existent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.” – Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek author and philosopher

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    Last night, I sat down with paper and pen and wrote out my vision of my life. At first I began each sentence with “I want to have, I want to be, I want to live, etc.”. Very quickly I realized that this was the very thinking that was preventing me from realizing my dreams for my life and for my business. I crossed out what I wrote and began again, this time writing my “aim” as if it already existed today. “I am living, I am being, I have, etc.”. I was surprised to find that the words just flowed and before I knew it I had 3 pages written.  The vision of my life was in me all along, I just didn’t realize it. I knew exactly what I wanted and where my life was meant to go and the reason for every occurrence in my life thus far. Each experience was leading me towards my personal vision, more than likely one that my soul had created before the day I was born, a vision I just hadn’t articulated until now.

    Although my personal aim includes my vision for my spiritual, physical, work, home, and financial life, I would like to share an excerpt from my story as it relates to food and health, which is the primary focus of my business.

    “I am energized and on top of the world because of the nourishing, nutrient-rich foods that I feed myself. I cherish the health of the body I was born into as it houses my soul and makes possible all of my dreams. I feel enthusiasm easily and naturally with no need to numb or gain temporary satisfaction through unhealthy foods, eating habits or substances. My foods are organic, home grown if possible, high quality, vital and full of vitamins and minerals. Food plays a key role in my life because I believe it to have the power to expand my consciousness and enhance my spiritual experience, which is my primary focus in this lifetime. Optimal health contributes to my ability to be of service to others and assist them in fulfilling their personal journeys as well.”

  • Now that I’ve completed my personal aim, I know the steps I need to take to make my business a representation of the difference I want to make for others that lives under the umbrella of my bigger vision for my life. For those that resonate with what I create, I know that my business will contribute to their lives in the best way possible, which will bring me joy in my day-to-day life.

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    Each of us has a unique pathway and soulful purpose. By remembering this and how it interconnects to everything we say, do, have or be, we can then articulate the life we were always meant to have. This can be tremendously freeing and make the choices we’re faced with easy and clear inside of specific standards that we consciously create inside that purpose or vision.

    I hope that I’ve inspired you to take a few minutes today to ask yourself what your personal aim is and how you see your life.  By doing so, I think you’ll notice as I have that you’ll experience new energy and purpose that makes your daily life enriching and meaningful while actively moves you towards realizing your dreams.

    The E-Myth Revisited: Why Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber

Published On: February 22, 2011