Tips for Approaching the Completion of 2012 in Peace and Good Health

Kara Bauer Health Guide
  • Even if you are someone who has not paid any attention to the predictions related to 2012, specifically the December 21st end date of a 5,125 year cycle according to the long count calendar used most notably by the Mayans, you still more than likely have noticed that this year has felt different than years before.


    Although there are many notable events that have happened worldwide this year, signaling that this is an important moment in our human history and a year to pay attention to, for the purpose of this posting, I’d like to focus more on managing the personal struggles that I have witnessed personally and in the lives of those around me in order to provide some suggestions on how you can maintain peace and health from now until the end of this period of transformation (whether that be December 21st of this year or in the next few years that follow).

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    Even though it's hard to put into words and without any concrete evidence, I have found this year to be quite challenging on a personal and spiritual level for myself (even though for others, it may be a very positive and uplifting time). Not only have I questioned everything I have believed to be true about life and happiness prior to this point in my own life, I have also discovered clearly, without a doubt, that there is nothing or no one outside of me that will make me happy. Even though I have known that true joy can only come from within and have taught that message to others for years, it is only this year that the reality of this truth has hit me full force. In my experience, the activities, people and projects that once gave me so much satisfaction have somehow lost their power in having any significant meaning in my life or who I identify myself to be. This has been both devastating and freeing, but ultimately is sure to leave me in a position to move forward with a fresh perspective that will bring long-lasting internal peace and the ability to support others to experience the same as life challenges come and go.


    The energetic changes that seem to be happening in and around our planet may or may not be at the route of the shifting consciousness I’ve seen within myself and the people and communities around me. However, I do believe as many others do that there is something powerful happening in this moment, possibly the biggest transformational change to be recorded and witnessed in history, one that we may never fully understand in our lifetime.


    To support you in your journey, I’d like to offer some of my own personal recommendations and suggestions to help you during this time if you, like me, have found it to be particularly challenging. As always, take what works for you and discard the rest, as we are all individuals as much as we are interconnected with different viewpoints and beliefs about what benefits us.


    1. Don’t Resist the Challenges

    If there are things that aren’t working in your life or unresolved situations that you have not addressed, it is likely that they are coming up to the surface stronger than ever in this moment. If you are being led to make changes, don’t resist them. If you take care of these issues now, most likely you will be able to free yourself of them much more quickly then times before, especially if they don’t support you in your personal or spiritual growth.


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    2. Keep Big Changes to a Minimum

    For me this is a time of completion and transformation. Perspectives are changing and what you believe you want or don’t want today may be completely different in a few months time. I believe that it’s a good time to slow things down a bit and pay attention to your body, health, mental and spiritual wellbeing. There will be plenty of time for creation very soon.


    3. Find Ways to Center and Ground Yourself

    Millions of people worldwide have taken up spiritual practices that were once culturally unaccepted in the Western part of the world. We now have the gift of what these approaches to wellbeing provide and this is an ideal time to start or maintain those practices that help you to feel centered, connected and at peace. Spiritual knowledge, yoga, meditation, alternative healing methods, and connecting with nature are all excellent ways to support you during this time.


    4. Take Great Care of Your Health

    It’s extremely important that we start making shifts in our diet to one that is plant-based, nutrient-rich, clean, organic, non-processed and supportive of our own personal health needs (we all require slightly different nutrients and calories to achieve our best state of health). Although, it’s easy to turn to substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, sugar and drugs to find short-term relief, it’s imperative that we recognize these tendencies and begin to free ourselves of their hold over us. As we begin to change what we put into our bodies, we’ll notice increased energy, clarity and heightened awareness, and the lessening of sickness and disease.


    5. Contribute and Connect with Others

    Don’t get caught up in your own mind, problems and challenges to the point where they are debilitating. By finding a way to give back to others, you’ll relieve your own stress while also being reminded of what connects each of us to one another. Look for ways that we are similar, not ways that we are different, as we become a more global human community. This is a time to focus on the present and what’s to come, rather than the past and what’s been lost. Remember that the only true moment is the moment of now. Everything else exists only in our minds and is an invented reality. If you find yourself “inventing”, invent something that serves you and others.


    Above all, it’s essential to stay positive and have faith that everything is perfect and exactly as it should be. When we can get into agreement with what is happening in and around us, our suffering disappears. Although it’s important to stay committed to the things that matter most to you, it’s equally as important to not let attachment impact you and those around you in a negative way. It’s a time to go with the flow rather than fight against it. By doing so, you’ll never be led astray.

Published On: September 14, 2012