Tap Your Way to Emotional Well-Being

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  • Despite the tendency to break up our issues into parts and to separate our emotional problems from our physical health, there is no getting around the fact that the body and mind are a holistic system. We all know someone who despite their best efforts to eat well and take care of their physical body has still been unsuccessful at achieving their health or wellness goals. Many times, emotional wounds, whether one is conscious of them or not, manifest into unwanted physical problems including pain and illness.  Almost all chronic conditions have an emotional element to them making it just as imperative that we take care of our emotional health as we do our physical health. When we’re not able to get better with diet and exercise changes alone, we must look into ways to address the underlying cause.

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    Arguably, the most common way to address emotional pain is to partake in some form of psychological therapy. However, there are many alternative methods that have been show to be equally if not more effective at treating the emotional root cause of both mental and physical disorders. One such healing system that has recently received a lot of attention from both alternative and traditional medical professionals due to its scientific backing [1], is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).


    Like acupuncture, EFT works with the same energy meridians within the body to balance the energy and relieve all conditions with an emotional cause whether they are related to actual emotions (grief, anxiety, fear, etc.), a physical problem or something performance based.  Although upon first learning about this technique, many find the tapping aspect strange or even humorous (as I did), the miraculous results people have described prove otherwise. There have been many cases in which people have healed life long physical and mental problems, almost immediately or in very little time, that traditional therapies have failed at. The reason why it’s said to be so effective is that EFT works with the energy disruption that is the result of the cause, not the cause itself.


    Although hard to believe without witnessing the power of this technique first hand, it’s surprisingly easy to memorize and practice at home in less then a few minutes a day. The basic “recipe” as it’s called involves tapping 9 different points on the body in sequence while repeating an affirmation related to the issue in a specific format. “Even though I have “this problem” (fill in the blank), I deeply and completely accept myself.”


    To begin, you must first identify the issue and then tune into it in order to trigger the negative emotions related to the cause. It is not necessary to rehash in great detail the issue itself, but instead focus on the feelings the issue brings up inside. Think about the intensity of that emotion on a scale of 1 to 10, a 10 being the strongest and most disturbing. Then use your index and middle finger to begin tapping the outside of your hand between the base of your pinky finger and the top of your wrist, also called the karate chop point (1), while stating your affirmation out loud several times. After you are fully experiencing the negative emotions related to this issue, you can move onto the other meridian points which include the top of the head (2), the beginning of the eyebrow (3), the bone to the side of the eye (4), the bone under the eye (5), under the nose (6), in the middle of the chin (7), the collarbone (8), and under the arm (9). It is only necessary to tap each point 5 to 7 times, during which you can repeat your affirmation or a shortened version of it throughout the process. When you finish, you will ask yourself again to rate the intensity of that emotion on a scale of 1 to 10. More than likely, it will have gone down, but you may need to repeat the sequence a few more times to get that number down to a zero, where you’ll feel freedom from the emotion and peace within. If you don’t find it working, it is likely that there is a deeper underlying issue that you’ll need to identify and then begin the sequence again.


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    As EFT is difficult to describe in words without seeing a visual demonstration of the tapping sequence, I highly recommend doing a bit of research online to ensure the most effective results. Once you get the hang of it, you can use it throughout the day whenever you feel the need to balance your energy and emotions inside. For those that prefer to work with someone in person, there are many trained EFT practitioners that can help guide you.[2]


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Published On: November 12, 2012