8 Foods To Avoid to Stay Healthy (Part 2)

Kara Bauer Health Guide
  • In Part 1, I shared the first 4 foods I recommend people avoid for optimal health. The remaining 4 foods you should stay clear of are the following: 


    5. Sodas 

    Soft drinks, which contain primarily high fructose corn syrup, are possibly the #1 source of calories in the United States. This means that soda is not only dangerous for your health for the reasons connected to HFCS (see Part 1), but it also has its own set of health risks associated with excessive sugar consumption. High blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, heart disease, premature aging, weight gain, diabetes, tooth decay, depression, digestive problems, osteoporosis, eczema and kidney disease have all been linked to high sugar diets.[1] Many people believe that the harmful effects are eliminated with diet sodas. However, the dangers associated with sugar substitutes such as aspartame are even more debilitating. Overconsumption of aspartame has been linked to a wide-range of symptoms and serious health conditions such as vision problems, hearing impairment, neurologic disorders, headaches, dizziness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, skin reactions, memory loss and a number of brain-related illnesses.[2]

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    6. Low Fat and Fat Free Foods

    Good fat (not trans fat) is essential to the body for many reasons. It supports the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K, keeps the body warm during colder months, provides energy, makes you feel satiated with less calories, helps transport nutrients to cells, proper hormone and immune system function, promotes mental well-being and more.[3] However, the food companies have done a good job making us believe that fat makes us fat and that to stay healthy, we should purchase packaged “diet” foods that are low or fat free.  The issue is that the fat is usually replaced with refined carbohydrates, sometimes trans fats, sugar or artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame and sucralose) to make up for the loss in flavor that happens when the fats are removed. The end product is usually equal in calories and promotes obesity and heart disease more readily than the original food. Overeating is also common with low and fat free foods due to the misperception that they are “healthier” as well as the addictive nature of the ingredients themselves.


    7. Microwave Popcorn

    Common sense should inform you that there is nothing healthy about microwave popcorn. Not only is the corn genetically modified, but the artificial flavorings  (trans fats) and processed salt also come with negative health consequences. The most disturbing information of all is that the chemicals lining the bag contain what’s called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) also used to produce Teflon, which seeps into the popcorn and has been linked to infertility and even cancer with high exposure due to the fact that it remains and accumulates in the body for years.[4] Instead opt for popping your own non-GMO kernels in a safe cooking oil such as coconut oil and adding high-mineral Himalayan or Celtic sea salt.


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    8. Fast Food

    We’ve all heard the story of the fast food hamburger or french fries that doesn’t decompose after being left for months and even years on the shelf. Fast food is simply not real food. It’s full of chemicals that contribute to just about every health condition out there, including, but by no means limited to obesity. It’s also important to understand that most fast foods contain a chemical called MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). When MSG enters the body, it triples the amount of insulin the pancreas produces.  The result is food addiction/cravings, an increase in appetite and an insatiable desire to continue eating products that contain it. It is also a known excitotoxin which causes cell damage and cell death.[5] Although originally used primarily in Chinese food, MSG is now used in the majority of processed and packaged foods, including the low and fat free foods, fast food chains, school cafeterias, restaurants and even baby formula. This reason alone should incent you to avoid fast food like the plague.


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Published On: March 14, 2013