10 Ways to Prevent Cancer - Part 2

Kara Bauer Health Guide
  • In part 1, I shared the first 4 recommendations for cancer prevention, 1) cultivate a positive spirit and healthy emotional state, 2) maintain an alkaline diet, 3) eliminate sugar and processed foods and 4) optimize important nutrients. Below are the remaining 6 health recommendations for preventing cancer.


    5. Exercise

    Exercise is a key component of good health and cancer prevention. Not only does it help you maintain a healthy weight, it also regulates the hormones estrogen and insulin (which can stimulate cancer growth), helps to eliminate cancer causing cells through urine and sweat, and improves immune system function by increasing oxygen flow and blood circulation.

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    6. Sleep in the Dark

    Studies have begun to make a connection between melatonin and cancer prevention. It appears that the benefits of adequate melatonin production go beyond its role as a sleep aid. Low levels have been linked to higher risks of cancer. Research has shown that melatonin may stop the proliferation of cancer cells and may even be a helpful treatment aid for those who already have cancer.[1] The best way to increase your melatonin production is to make sure that you sleep during the night in absolute darkness. Even a small trace of ambient light can impact the amount of melatonin your body produces and disrupt sleep cycles. Some foods contain small traces of melatonin. Supplementation is another option.


    7. Strengthen Immune System

    Everything we are discussing here will contribute to a strong immune system – decreased emotional stress, an alkaline diet, eliminating sugar and processed foods, increasing important nutrient intake, optimizing Vitamin D levels, exercising and getting good quality sleep. A diet high in antioxidants (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, beta-carotene, bioflavonoids, selenium and lipoic acid), which can be obtained by a diet high in plant foods, is also important for boosting the immune system and preventing cancer. Another step you can take to strengthen your immune system is to reduce alcohol, smoking and drug intake (both recreational and antibiotics). Not only do these three substances depress the immune system, but they also introduce toxins or destroy good bacteria, ultimately disrupting the healthy functioning of the body.


    8. Reduce Toxic Load

    In today’s modern world we are surrounded by environmental toxins, many of which, can contribute to cancer. Some of the main lifestyle changes you’ll want to make relate to the cleaning products and personal care products you use. Make sure you either make your own or choose all-natural products with no unknown ingredients or chemicals. You’ll also want to limit your exposure to electromagnetic fields such as those produced by mobile phones. Make sure that you purchase as much organic foods as possible and be sure to drink pure, mineral rich drinking water that does not contain contaminants. Since exposure to some of these toxins cannot be avoided all together, you may want to take a chlorella supplement, a fresh water micro algae that has the ability to carry toxins such as mercury and heavy metals out of the body.[2] You can also partake in a short-term fast or juice detox a few times a year to assist with removing toxins from the body.


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    9. Practice Yoga and Deep Breathing 

    Yoga is a great practice for overall wellness. However, in relation to preventing cancer, it’s especially helpful for relaxing the mind, reducing stress, supporting good sleep patterns, and improving blood circulation and oxygen flow. Extra oxygen in the body is believed to increase its ability to kill disease-causing cells.[3] Deep breathing exercises, whether related to yoga (pranayama) or not, are extremely helpful for raising the level of oxygen in the blood, relieving stress and even supporting weight loss, all helpful for cancer prevention.


    10. Get Grounded

    Grounding is one of the most essential and powerful things you can do for your health.  Living in the technological age, our blood has become positively charged from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. This has put our bodies in a compromised, imbalanced state, susceptible to inflammation and physiological dysfunction. By placing our bare feet on the earth, we immediately begin to take in the negative electrons needed to balance our bodies and prevent disease. Research has shown that instantaneous changes occur in the blood when we get grounded, which impacts every physiological system and function within the body.[4] Grounding has also been shown to reduce stress, effectively reducing the risk of chronic disease.


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Published On: March 23, 2013