Boosting Your Immunity

Kara Bauer Health Guide
  • With all the media attention focused on swine flu, many are contemplating whether or not to receive a vaccination to protect them from what the media is portraying as a very serious illness with considerable risks. Regardless of the accuracy of the information we are receiving, deciding whether to get vaccinated is a very personal choice and one that I feel shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    Proponents of the vaccine are saying that it’s a safe means of eliminating the risks of contracting the swine flu and that everyone should receive one. However, opponents are saying that if the vaccine works at all, it will only provide short-term immunity. They advocate that there are very serious vaccination risks and that the best way to protect yourself is to strengthen your immune system so that you can recover easily should you become infected, allowing you to naturally develop the antibodies to provide long lasting immunity.

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    Whether you decide to receive the vaccination or not, taking a holistic approach to strengthening your immune system can be beneficial for you now and in the future.

    Here are some simple guidelines to boost your immunity:

    1.    Follow a healthy diet abundant in fresh organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.
    2.    Avoid sugar as much as possible as it can impair the immune system’s response.
    3.    Supplement your diet with Vitamin D as studies indicate that Vitamin D stimulates your immune system and disease fighting cells, possibly preventing the flu.
    4.    Consider a detox cleanse to eliminate toxins from the body and identify food allergies which can add stress to the immune system.
    5.    Make sure to exercise regularly as it detoxifies, improves blood circulation to combat disease, and reduces stress.
    6.    Consider adding some immune enhancing herbs, minerals, vitamins and other supplements to your diet.
    7.    Get plenty of rest and sleep.

Published On: October 30, 2009