Does your lifestyle support you?

Kara Bauer Health Guide
  • It’s very easy to see all of the reasons why our lifestyle prevents us from achieving our health goals. Often times, our commitments at work, to our friends and families, to our education and to other areas of our lives make it seem impossible to find the time to take good care of our bodies, let alone our spiritual wellbeing.

    However, sometimes I wonder why taking care of our bodies gets pushed to the bottom of the list for many of us, including myself. With a culture and society that require more and more from us with each passing year, it often takes getting sick or a health-related breakdown in our work, relationships, or some other important area of our life for us to stop, take notice and make changes.

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    Since you are reading the content on this website, I know that you already recognize the importance of a good diet and exercise, but perhaps haven’t been successful yet at finding a balance between your health and the rest of your life.

    Earlier I mentioned spiritual wellbeing and I want to talk about that a bit more as I think it’s important.  Spiritual health stems from how we integrate our inner and outer lives in a way that supports us in living life from a place of purpose, personal power and strength. When we are peaceful, relaxed and comfortable in our own skin; our perspective on what’s important to us, how we face challenges, the decisions we make, the thoughts we have and the actions we take begin to change, providing an expanded perspective on what’s possible in our lives. Whether we view ourselves as spiritual or not, taking time to tap into our inner selves can open up many new ways to overcome our health challenges.

    A good way to bring more balance into your life is to take a moment to really reflect on your lifestyle and whether it’s set up to ensure your success at having the life that you want. How does your current lifestyle support or inhibit you mentally, physically and spiritually? Look specifically at areas of your life such as your career or family and how your “approach” to these areas impacts your ability to meet your goals, whether they are health-related or not. Are there changes you can make, conversations you can have or requests you can make to gather support and assistance in your commitment to be healthy and happy? Push yourself to think outside of the box, letting go of old ways of thinking you’ve had about your inability to make changes in the past.

    Reflection is a powerful exercise and great to do in a quiet, peaceful place outdoors or somewhere private in your home. Often times when we give ourselves time to reflect, even if just for 5-10 minutes, new inspiration or realizations arise. When they do, it’s always important to cement them by writing them down or sharing them with someone so that they become real rather than remaining only inside of our heads.

    Afterwards, make a list of a few actions you can take as a result of your reflections and create a timeline as to when you will accomplish them. By doing so, you will be on your way to creating a healthy lifestyle that supports you now and in the future.


Published On: November 24, 2009