Baby Steps

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  • Well my first week of "resolution-ing" is nearly over, and so far so good. Mostly. I woke up on New Years Day determined to be healthier, but I just had to have some breakfast at the local diner with my fiance, Billy. Steak and eggs...that's all protein right?


    Two days and a few sensible meals later it was time to meet my, I mean new friends. Amber invited me to join a "Biggest Loser" type group. Remember that thing I said last time about not taking on one more thing? Well there goes that idea.  I picked Amber up and we drove to our meeting spot, the home of a mom of three who would be hosting our little group each week.

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    As she rocked her newborn, the six of us sat around the coffee table and talked about our goals and plans of action. I learned that among us, we had Weight Watchers point counters, carb cutters, organic food lovers, runners, and more. I informed the group that with a wedding coming up in October and a dress that didn't fit, I was determined to lose about forty pounds and try to do it the healthy way. I would be giving up alcohol for at least a month (my relationship with wine is a whole other story). I would be limiting my gluten and caffeine intake, and trying to cut out sugar altogether. I would also be working out more regularly. Ok, so I have five part time jobs. So what? Most of these women had toddlers...I really can't complain.


    Next it was time to step on the scale.  I was not surprised when it registered 170, as I had weighed myself earlier that morning. I don't want to seem obsessed with the scale but I do find it's a good way to stay on track. After recording our weights, we all wrote post-dated checks. We will weigh in weekly until April 3rd. On that day, someone will be the proud owner of a $300 prize. I hope it will be me, but I wish the ladies the best of luck on their own journeys, and it will be great to have the extra support and motivation.


    This morning, I woke up early and got to the gym. Pretty amazing considering I had to work at the natural market from 10 to 3 and then wait tables from 4:30 'til 10. I had a pretty decent workout. Lots of sweat is a good sign. When I finished I went to take a shower and realized that in my post-work coma last night I neglected to pack a towel in my gym bag. I knew I could not go make delicious soups and sandwiches sans shower so what was I to do? Resourcefully, I used 2 tiny gym towels which were for sale at the front desk, and I just may have aided the process with the back of the shower curtain. Hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.


    Which brings me to my post-pie story of this evening. I received a text from my friend Sarah earlier today reminding me that she had made me a pie as a Christmas present.  Sarah is a wonderful baker who happens to be tiny and cute, not to mention super nice. But it's impossible to hate her. She showed up tonight with my freshly baked apple pie with the words "eat me" molded into the crust. Classic. Since she likes naming her pies like Kerri Russel's character in "The Waitress", she handed it to me saying sheepishly, "Here's your 'Sorry I Messed Up Your Diet' Pie".


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    I told her that since I am a work in progress, my new pie needed a less harsh name. Soon, we were sitting down to a cup of tea and a nice slice of "Baby Steps" pie. One slice, I swear. Plenty left for Billy, and it's back on the wagon for me tomorrow.




Published On: January 06, 2010