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  • Is it possible that eating healthier, getting more exercise, and not drinking alcohol has somehow lessened my intelligence? I do not want to discourage anyone but I've had a very interesting day, one that is making me question my recent actions.


             My dad is turning 60 in a couple of weeks, and my stepmom Beth decided to throw him a surprise birthday bash. They live in Connecticut so she was nice enough to buy me a train ticket. Last night, I got off work around 10:30 and came home to pack. I set my alarm and woke up early to run last-minute errands and leave plenty of time for breathing room.  I took the metro to Union Station and scanned my e-ticket at the self check-in kiosk. No problems.

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              Comfortably situated in my seat with my i-pod jamming and a fresh book ready to read, I text my little brother Jake to let him know I was on my way. About an hour later as we approached the first stop in Delaware, I noticed my phone was all lit up. I had two missed calls and a new text. It was from Jake, and it read "call me ASAP", so I did. He answered on the first ring and asked what the heck I was doing. "Aubree," he said, "the party is next weekend". At first I was really confused and didn't know how to respond. Then my stepmom got on the phone and reiterated Jake's comment.


    Apparently, I had fallen one week behind. I knew the date of the party but somehow thought that today was that date. And the kiosk took my ticket anyway.


              I burst into tears and Beth told me to calm down. Three options...I could turn around and then come back next weekend. I could come anyway and not come back next weekend. Or I could come both weekends. After talking to the conductor and finding out Beth's money could not be refunded, I called her back and told her I wanted to continue the trip and then come back next weekend. No point in wasting the first ticket. So I arrived in Stamford a few hours later and my dad was definitely surprised. I told him I decided to come see him since I couldn't make it for his actual birthday. When I return next week for the party, I'm sure we'll all laugh about it.


              Common sense tells me that my recent changes in diet and exercise have not adversely affected my intelligence, but when I told Sarah what happened, she text me, "Clearly, you need to start drinking again". That comment got me thinking about change. For so long, I have been unkind to my body. For the last few months, I've been working like a madwoman and giving myself little time to relax. My financial situation makes it necessary to work like I do, but I know if I try just a little harder I can at least squeeze in a bath or some meditation (two things I used to do fairly regularly). Life's too short not to enjoy these things. So far, I have been pretty successful with eating healthier foods and putting less bad stuff in my body. So why can't I make time for some all important decompression? I obviously need it as much as I need to lose weight...maybe more.


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              When I first started this blog, I mentioned taking better care of my mind, body and soul. I recognize the progress I'm making but the little stunt I pulled today made me realize I need to step up my game. Stress can do amazing things to people. It can make them overeat. It can make them "forget" to go to the gym. And evidently it can make them get on a train and take a 5 hour trip on the wrong date. Sigh. My brain cells have suffered in the past but this is a whole different ball game. This has nothing to do with late nights in the dorm or football Sundays. I have to do something good for my spirit.


              Monday starts a new week, so my goal for the week is to take one bath and have at least fifteen minutes of meditation time. I was able to avoid the bread at Claire's last week and I managed to eat breakfast almost every day. So I think I can do this, and hopefully continue. Back to the baby steps.

Published On: January 27, 2010