Snowed in on Superbowl Sunday

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  • In the famous words of Fiona Apple, "I've been a bad, bad girl". But not in the strip-down-to-your-undies-and-humiliate-some-guy way like her video for "Criminal". More like "there's-three-feet-of-snow-on-the-ground-and-there's-nothing-else-to-do-but-eat" way.


    It all started on Friday morning when the first of the flurries began to fall. I knew a storm was coming but no one knew how bad it was supposed to be. We had heard predictions of twelve to fifty inches. I'm not kidding. So when the snow started I bailed out of work early and went home to hunker down and wait to see what would happen. I had been to the grocery store the night before and fought may way through the traffic jam in the dairy isle to make sure I was stocked up on the necessities. Seriously, people's true colors come out when the news of an impending snow storm hits.

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    Thinking I was doing my family a favor, I got a little of everything. For me, some organic veggies, gluten-free crackers and fruit. For mom, some eggs, milk, and cheese. For Billy (and here is the bad part), some chicken wings, pizza, shrimp and beer. I knew the Superbowl was coming and that we might end up snowed in, so of course I had to do the nice fiancée thing and think of that in advance.


    So here I am, two days and three feet of snow later. During the storm, we ate our way through the goodies. I tried to stick with the healthy stuff but I don't know, there's just something about being stuck in your house with insane amounts of snow falling around you. I made a delicious homemade roasted beet salad with pecans and goat cheese, which has been sitting in the fridge hardly touched since Friday. Instead, I've been munching on pizza and Doritos. I won't talk about the wine. Hey, come on, cabin fever can make you do some pretty messed up things.


    On a positive note, I did shovel our deck on a regular basis so the dogs could get outside without being lost in a snow drift. And since the snow stopped yesterday, I have been hard at work shoveling around the three cars so we can attempt to get out tomorrow. If you ever want a good workout (and a very sore back), just shovel snow for a few hours three days in a row. At least I do not have to feel guilty about missing the gym this weekend! As for the food, that's another story. Two friends made it over in their four wheel drive vehicles so Billy and I are sitting here watching the game with them. Yes I am having some wings and yes I am having a few beers.


    I'm guessing getting to work tomorrow won't be a problem, but getting to the gym might be (depending on how the rest of this night goes). So I will have to work extra hard this week to get back to reality and out of my snow-filled excuses.  But I hear we are supposed to get more snow this week. Arrgh! Well, I think I know what my goal for the week will be.  Better eating, regardless of the wintry weather. I know it will be hard but I just saw that there are only 252 days until my wedding. And snow or not, my dress isn't going to fit me by an act of magic. So bring it on, weather man. I'll be ready. And the fridge will look a bit different this time...sorry Billy!

Published On: February 09, 2010