Olympic-Sized Memories

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  • While most of the free world was tuning in to the opening night of the Olympics this past weekend, I was attempting to relive my college years at a Grateful Dead-like concert called Further. I received the tickets from Billy as a Christmas gift and he told me to invite anyone I wanted since that music isn't really his scene.


    My friend Sarah from college happily accepted the ticket and came up from Raleigh just for the occasion. Although the music was undeniably amazing, we both agreed that it just wasn't close to the concerts we experienced during our carefree college days. Perhaps it was because neither one of us parties like we used to. We didn't drink at the show because we wanted to be responsible. Dare I say here...well, maybe that used to have something to do with the fun factor? Let's be honest, of course it did. But times have changed and I am older and definitely wiser now.

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    Back home and feeling slightly conflicted about the night, I decided the best thing to do is keep on cherishing my precious memories and just move on. I can never go back to those amazing years, but there is a big part of me that wouldn't want to anyway. With almost 31 years behind me and a wedding coming in eight short months, I know that a new chapter is just beginning, and there will be lots of new precious memories to make. Granted, they probably won't have much to do with dancing like a maniac at concerts, but I know there is still plenty of fun out there for me.


    Tonight I finally got to watch the Olympics. My mom and I used to watch the figure skating together when I was a kid, so naturally that's what I gravitate towards first. Watching the athletes dance across the ice with incredible grace and power really helps me to put things in perspective. I am putting the past to rest and opening myself up to the next chapter. These guys and girls have most likely been training for these events most of their lives. That means while I was following a band called Phish around the country, they were practicing their double axels. It means while I was running around barefoot on campus, they were learning choreography and working on conditioning. Heck, many of the athletes are close to half my age, which means that when I was learning to drive, they were strapping on their first pair of skates. Now there's a thought to blow your mind.


     It's not that I regret all of my experiences and good times. It's just that when I watch the Olympians compete, I realize that I've had a long time to focus on getting my own body in better shape. I'm sure I could have found some time to hit the gym or write in a food journal amidst the ticket buying on eBay and route planning on MapQuest. But it is what it is. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. All I can do is take the inspiration and skate with it. After being snow bound for the last few weeks, I am definitely ready to get back to the gym.

Published On: February 18, 2010