When it Rains, it Pours

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  • You know the old saying, "When it rains it pours"? Well, normally that applies to me in the way it's meant to. Meaning, when one bad thing happens, more things just seem to keep raining down. The past week, however, has given new meaning to that saying. It seems that, for once, lots of good things are happening. First, my bank made a more-than-slight error in my favor, putting a few extra bucks in my account. I did the honest thing by calling and telling them I thought they made a mistake, but they insisted it was my error and even sent an official looking letter. So in my mind, maybe that's just karma repaying me for all of those overdraft fees. The extra money could not have come at a better time.

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    The same day I found out about the money, I went on a job interview. By now most of you know that I had lost my full time status at my previous job, which is why I am now working four part-timers. I received the call out of the blue to come for the interview, so I took it. The job would be an hour away, but they offered a nice salary plus benefits. Although the offer was tempting, the thought of being that far away from my mom (who has MS and is on the steady decline) was unsettling. I just couldn't live with myself if something happened to her and I couldn't get to her in time. With that thought in the back of my mind, I went into work at the Natural Marketplace, where I'm a deli cook. My co-workers must have mentioned the interview to my boss, who called me into her office. "Aubree, we love you, and think you're doing a great job," she said. "What can we do to convince you to stay?" Simple enough, I told her. More money, more hours, and benefits. Guess what? She agreed. The market is a fantastic place to work. I am learning a ton about holistic nutrition and healing (a field that I would like to go into professionally one of these days), plus it's only ten minutes from my house. And, my family is benefitting from my improving cooking skills. Can't get any better than that.


    I am also ecstatic to report that my hard work and new, relaxed attitude finally seem to be paying off. The numbers on the scale are starting to come down and stay down. Although I have been very good about sticking to my goal of eating only protein, veggies and fruit, I haven't been making myself crazy over a little cheat here and there. Because of this, I really think that my body is responding positively. I am no longer craving sweets and grain carbs.  I am eating some gluten-free items like bread and cookies now and then, but for the most part I'm sticking to the plan. And the scale seems to like it. More importantly, I'm feeling good. I'm adjusting to my new work schedule, and continuing to stay on top of my fitness goals. Sarah and I have done a few of her P90X videos when there's time, and it's been a lot of fun. In fact, I was feeling so good that I signed up for a four week core and interval training class at my gym. I had my first session this morning and although it did officially kick my booty, I was able to keep up with the other gals. I'm actually looking forward to the next class!


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    Seeing my weight come down and feeling healthy is amazing, and it's just the motivation I need to keep moving forward. I even decided that I'm going to go look at my wedding dress soon. That's right...I haven't even seen it since it came into the shop. I told the girls there that I refused to even take a glimpse until I had lost some weight. By this time next week, I just might be writing to tell you that I tried it on. I'm not making any promises to myself yet, but it's a definite possibility. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and keep up your own good work too.


Published On: March 10, 2010