New Year's Resolution Blogger: Wardrobe Malfunction

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  • Hallelujah! Spring is finally here. The snows have melted, the peep toads are peeping, and folks are out and about walking their dogs, window shopping, and soaking up some much needed Vitamin D. I can't explain how amazing it is to sit on the grass with my doggie and breathe in fresh, warm air. I know I'm not the only one who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), with symptoms starting in the early winter and ranging from sluggishness and carb cravings to social withdrawal and afternoon slumps. Ok, so I am not officially diagnosed with SAD, but I can definitely relate. I thought my worries were all over when the spring equinox finally hit and we enjoyed a full week of sunshine. But apparently, this silver lining has a cloud.

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    I am now suffering from a new condition, one that I call Seasonal Wardrobe Panic Disorder. It all started when I realized my thermal shirt and hoodie weren't exactly comfy when I ventured outdoors on Monday. Time for the wardrobe switch! I talked Billy into going with me to our storage unit one particularly lovely evening to dig out the goods. Now, normally, just the thought of rummaging through boxes and bags to hang up my cute summer dresses brings me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Knowing that soon the sweaters will be hidden away and I can step outside in my beloved flip flops without worrying I'll get frostbitten tootsies is truly sublime. But as we unloaded the boxes a strange feeling of dread started to set in. My delightful warm-weather clothing....will they fit?


    By this time last year, I had lost almost thirty pounds. In a joyful "good riddance" mood, I bagged up and gave away all the clothes that were too big for me. I bought some new, cute items and even treated myself to a few pairs of shoes (because strangely, even my feet shrank a half size-has this ever happened to anyone else?). My favorite purchase was a beautiful black and white party dress that I got (and had to have altered smaller!) specifically to wear for my 30th birthday extravaganza. As you may know, this was the night that Billy proposed. I was so happy that all thoughts of dieting went right out the Cuban restaurant's windows. For the next couple of months, I ate what I wanted and laid off the gym a bit. I thought I "deserved" a break. Before I knew it, the winter from hell had struck and I packed ten pounds back on. Although I have been slowly coming to my senses now that the wedding is approaching, I still am not back to the original weight. Plus I want to lose another twenty or so before the big day.


    Time to face reality. I took a deep breath and started unpacking. Awww, my tie dyed sundress that I got in Atlantic Beach! Oooh, my white linen pants from Express! Ahhh, my fabulous ocean-colored tank top I wore out on almost every girls' night! Panic, panic, panic. But as I tried on the items one at a time, my fears started to fade away. Everything fit pretty much just like it did last year. It's so fascinating to me how our perceptions of ourselves rarely match reality. I mean, I can be having the worst "ugly" day and someone will tell me I look beautiful.


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    Moving onwards, I will continue to try and get back to the pre-extravaganza weight and then keep going until I have met my goal. It seems I have reached a plateau again, which is frustrating to say the least. But as a dear friend told me today, I'm sure I will turn a corner soon. Time to shut up, get out, and go enjoy the springtime!

Published On: March 26, 2010