Skinny Fingers

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  • My fingers are losing weight. Yes, that's correct. I noticed last week that my engagement ring was starting to slip to the side, something that it's never done before. After Billy proposed with his mother's ring, I was shocked to find that my fingers were smaller than I thought. The ring had to be sized down from a seven to a secure size five. Since I got it back from the jewelers almost a year ago, I've never felt it was in danger of falling off. Now, I seem to be subconsciously fretting throughout the day about that possibility when I feel it sliding west (or east, depending on its mood, I guess). As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my shoe size has also gone down. So first it was my feet, and now it's my fingers. Ok, weight loss gods and goddesses, when will it be my butt's turn? I mean, what next, my ears are going to shrink?

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    The written word is just not sufficient to express my frustration with this situation. First though, I need to clarify that I am not going back on my word to chill out and be happy with my accomplishments thus far. I am proud of myself for eating better, going to the gym (mostly) regularly, and starting to get in the groove of a healthier lifestyle. I no longer feel the need to wage war against my body for the sake of fitting into my wedding dress, knowing full well that I will be happy and gorgeous on that day even if I do have to have it let out. The thing is, when your fingers and feet are shrinking but your waist and thighs don't appear to be, it is a bit of a kick in the face to your self esteem. Clearly, something I'm doing is working, but just not on the right parts. Some people say that they lose weight first in the strangest places, and then the rest surely follows. Ok...I'm waiting!


    I have a feeling that my body's sluggish response has a lot to do with my desire to keep on celebrating everything good in my life. Way back in January when I wrote my introductory sharepost, I discussed my tendency to celebrate the good (and even the mundane) with food and beverage. These things seem to go hand-in-hand. I recognized that it was time to look at food as nourishment and not reward, but I have to say it's been harder than I thought it would be. This weekend was a perfect example. I went down to Atlantic Beach (the wedding location) with my mom and Billy to meet with my vendors. To say we had a blast would be an understatement. Everything went smoothly. I got the cake and flowers of my dreams, I loved all the hotels we mentioned on the wedding website, and the wedding planner finalized the menu and other details with professionalism and quickness. So the rest of the time spent there was fun free time. And for Billy and I, free time is a major celebration. It didn't take us long to find the best spots for food and drinks in the area. And hoo boy, did we partake. From Italian to margaritas to Bojangles (for all you northerners, that would be the best chicken, biscuits and sweet tea south of the Mason-Dixon Line). We talked about the consequences, but the spirit of the weekend overcame our hesitation.


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    I should be ashamed to write this but strangely, I'm not. I had a wonderful weekend with the people I love, and nothing about that screams "wrong". Yes, I overindulged on the food but I can honestly say it was worth every bite (and gulp). This certainly doesn't mean that I will be celebrating my favorite American Idol contestant's amazing performance or my dog's new summer haircut. But perhaps it does mean that I'm learning yet another valuable lesson. Maybe part of living a healthy lifestyle means enjoying the precious moments how I see fit, and working harder the next day to get back on track. Sure, my waist may take a little while to catch up to my new skinnier feet, but I can live with that.



Published On: April 12, 2010