New Year's Resolution Blogger: Resisting Comfort Food Cravings

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  • This past week has been a tough one. If you read my last sharepost then you know I completely overdid it on Saturday in an accidental attempt to relive my college days at a huge bonfire party. I spent the next few days beating myself up mentally, and on top of that, I got miserably sick. And I don't get sick. Since my journey into natural health began, I've learned how to avoid colds and other common ailments with simple changes to my diet and regular supplementation. If something does creep up on me, I'm usually able to stop it in its yucky tracks with what my friends like to call "hippie medicine". I just call it herbs, vitamins, and tinctures. Sounds funny but it works. This time though, I really did a number on my immune system. Nothing I've tried is working. As I write this, I'm breathing through my mouth and trying to think through a stuffy, sneezy brain fog. Gross.

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    Though I feel like garbage and sorely regretting my weekend, I'm ready to get my chin up and move forward. Sure, it might take a car jack to do the job but what else can I do? I refuse to be angry at myself for another moment. I've always been the kind of gal that needs to learn her lessons the hard way. I'm not going to say that I'll never party like its 1999 (literally!) again, but it's not likely to happen anytime soon.


    Part of moving forward means putting my "healthy shoes" back on. I'm ready and willing to do that. But (and I hate that there's a "but"), being sick means only wanting two things-sleep and eat comfort food. Everyone knows the feeling. All you want to do is cuddle down into your bed with your favorite movies and a gooey grilled cheese sandwich. Or, my personal favorite, a bowl of creamy tomato soup with lots and lots of Ritz crackers crumbled up in it. Have you ever tried to fight a comfort food craving? Might as well be a pregnant girl denying herself those weirdo late night hankerings. Knowing I messed up last week, I am determined to try not to fall into the comfort food trap. But right now, nothing could sound less appetizing than a salad and some broiled fish. But that's exactly what I made for dinner last night.


    Before settling down to the American Idol finale, I asked my mom if she was hungry. Normally, her appetite is pretty slight and she would much rather just have a bowl of cereal or nothing at all for dinner. So when she said she was hungry, I decided to take advantage the opportunity and cook us a real meal. She knew I wasn't feeling well but I didn't let on to just how bad it really was. I didn't want to tell her that I was forcing down the beautiful organic salmon and green salad with fennel and avocado, because all I was thinking about was my tomato soup and crackers. But I got through the meal and I was happy that I fed my mom and avoided junk at the same time.


    One more positive from the day was that, despite feeling like a truck had run over me, I did drag myself to the gym. I was supposed to workout with Sandy but she took one look at me and said, "Girl, you need to go home and get to bed". But I was determined so she told me to make it a short and light one. I did twenty minutes on the bike and then three rounds of intervals. That was light compared to what I normally do, but I was absolutely wrecked when I finished. Still, I was proud of myself for even going.


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    I feel like I am back on the right track and once I get over this funk, I will really be shooting for the stars. Being sick is awful and can slow down anyone's progress, but this week I proved that it is possible to avoid the comfort food trap and still get some exercise, even when it feels like your head is stuck in quick sand. Next week, there won't be anything standing in my way. Now if I can just get through the Memorial Day holiday weekend...

Published On: June 04, 2010