New Year's Resolution Blogger: Wedding Dress Fitting = Major Motivation

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  • Wedding dress fitting numero uno is officially over! I can actually breathe again, at least for a few days. It went better than I expected, but we definitely had a rocky start to the session. My mom and good friend Christiana came with me for support. Christiana helped me into my Spanx, fastened my bustier, laced up the corset, and we both held our breath as she zipped up the gown. I let out a groan of dismay when I saw that it didn't fit any better than it did the last time I tried it on, and that my "girls" were practically exploding out of the top. Reluctantly, I stepped out of the dressing room into the waiting hands of Patti, the store's seamstress. She saw the look on my face and told me to relax, and started to work her magic. And magic it was!

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    Patti began unzipping and unlacing me, then had me pull the dress up to where I felt it would be less revealing. She then pinned the fabric in place. After digging around under the chiffon for a bit, she told me that the satin underlining (which is the very snug main culprit) had four seams which could be let out, giving me a total of two extra inches. Whew! I felt so much better.


    But staring at myself in the mirror, I still wasn't too happy about my heaving bust line, so Patti suggested that we go ahead and sew in the cap sleeves I bought for the reception only. I had originally planned for them to be detachable so I could put them on after the ceremony, but she showed me how they would help to hold me up and in throughout the entire event, which would ultimately make me feel more comfortable both physically and mentally. She even gave me the option of sewing in a "modesty piece" which would give me a bit more coverage. I'm thinking I'll do it. I want my future husband to think, "Wow, she looks beautiful" as he sees me come down the aisle towards him, not, "Wow, are we going to have a Janet Jackson/Super Bowl moment any second now?"


    Finally, Christiana tucked my cathedral-length veil into my hair and Mom handed me a bouquet of fake pink roses. As I stood there, staring at my newly pinned and much more flattering dress, I actually began to relax. Yes, I could stand to lose a few more pounds (sitting might be a slight issue if I don't), but I did look pretty great. Visions of orchids and the sound of a gentle ocean danced through my head. But now it would be time to get down to business. Granted, Patti is going to do everything she can to make sure that the dress stays in place and is as comfortable as possible, but it's up to me to make sure I feel beautiful in it on the big day. I'm already off and running, literally.


    Yesterday, I got to the gym and realized that the weather was far too lovely to be stuck inside. So I put some on some good tunes and took my butt outside for a run. Ok, so I mostly power walked but I did stick some fairly good bouts of jogging in there. Before I knew it, I had completed two miles and was back in the gym feeling very proud of myself. Aside from the quarter miles treadmill sprints I do during some of my interval workouts, I never run. I decided that more cardio is going to be the key to my success. So I'm going to try the running thing more often and also go swimming and biking when possible. I really want to take yoga too, which I think will help with relaxation. I'm feeling super motivated now and I know I can do it. I'm not going to lose thirty pounds by the big day, but I'm definitely going to look and feel great in that dress.

Published On: July 19, 2010