New Year's Resolution Blogger: Trying to Stay Healthy While "Roughin' It"

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  • Prior to the July fourth weekend, my first wedding dress fitting gave me enough motivation to kick my resolution efforts up a few notches. I spent the rest of the week eating super healthy and extending my workouts with extra cardio. But things just seem to have a way of messing with my success. Friday, evening, Billy and I hopped in the car and took off for Damascus, a tiny town in Southwestern Virginia. His parents bought a little house in the mountains which they have been busy restoring since October, and they invited us down for the holiday weekend. I was immediately contemplating what I would be eating, fully aware of how I love to celebrate. I had no idea how tough things were about to get.

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    We arrived late on Friday night after the five hour drive, and went straight to bed. The next morning, after our showers, we both reported the same experience...ten seconds of water followed by ten seconds of absolutely nothing. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Lucky to have been able to rinse the shampoo out, I figured it was just the well acting up. Billy's mom and I left for the farmer's market shortly after, as I had promised to cook a nice, local (and healthy) dinner that night, in celebration of the holiday and of her birthday.


    At the farmer's market in Abington, we picked up some beautiful grass-fed steaks, heirloom veggies, fresh herbs and berries, homemade bread, and local organic wine. Happy with our purchases, we headed back up the mountain. As we pulled into the driveway, I gazed up the hill in the backyard and saw a bunch of metal scattered around, and the tops of two heads poking out of the ground. Turns out, the well pump had completely conked out and the guys spent all morning trying to fix it. Billy's sister and brother-in-law arrived soon after, and the three men stayed busy working on the problem while I tried to deal with cooking our meal...without the aid of running water. Thank goodness the men thought outside the box! Unable to fix the pump, they rigged a hose up to a nearby creek and attached a battery operated pump. Voila! We had running water, although we had to get it from a hose that they ran through the bathroom window and into the bathtub. At least we could now flush the toilets.


    I was able to take buckets of water from the bathtub into the kitchen so I could rinse my veggies (and my hands). The meal was so elaborate, however, that a few hours into the prep (and dealing with three grumpy dudes) I found myself reaching for wine and the packaged snacks that stocked the cabinets. Hey, I was hungry...and somewhat grumpy myself. Somehow, I got through the meal and ended up serving an absolutely fantastic dinner. Admittedly, I was more than slightly tipsy by the time I served birthday cake to my future mother-in-law. I realized I had eaten far more than I should have, and consumed way too much wine. Everyone was right there with me, and we laughed our way into the night, dirty dishes piling up around us.


    The next morning, I woke up early and went straight to the daunting task of doing dishes. Slowly, the family started to wake up and pitch in. Billy's dad helped by boiling water for the sinks, and I scrubbed while his mom dried and put them away. We had to change the dirty water three times, but we finished and I was pretty proud of our resourcefulness. And doesn't that count as at least some exercise?


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    Later that day, the men went to Lowe's and bought a new well pump, which they finally got installed just before Billy and I had to get on the road. His mom insisted on a quick July 4th cookout before we left, and how could we say no? We had running water and family all around! I ate all the typical cookout classics, and that had to include a beer (right??). Tummies heavy, we finally got in the car and headed home. I probably could have made better choices, but under the extenuating circumstances, I didn't. Period.


    This week, with all the comforts of (modern) home around me, I succeeded in not consuming any sugar or bad carbs, and got back to working out like a bride on a mission. Barring any unforeseen disasters, I intend to keep it that way. Hoo boy....famous last words!

Published On: July 20, 2010