New Year's Resolution Blogger: Deciding To Take The High Road

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  • Rejuvenated by the magical experience I had watching my friend give birth to her son last week, I was officially ready to get back down to the business of losing some weight. I started off the week with better eating and got back to the gym with a vengeance. A few days ago, however, I realized that my next wedding dress fitting was coming up on Thursday. I started to feel the desperation creeping up on me, which quickly turned to full blown panic. Driving to work that day, I heard a commercial on the radio for a local spa that offers services such as laser hair removal, Botox, and a new weight loss program called "Weight Not". The announcer promised that clients could lose up to thirty pounds in thirty days, and that the method is all natural. Any other person might take their word for it, but being that I am surrounded by influential tree hugging granola eaters every day as well as a plethora of information on holistic health, I decided it would be best for me to look deeper into it.

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    When I arrived at work, I jumped onto the website and read that the Weight Not program uses a pregnancy hormone (HCG) which is self-injected by the user daily. The hormone supposedly makes you less hungry, and does something to burn fat while leaving behind lean muscle. The user is to consume an extremely limited diet of 500 calories per day while on the program. The before and after photos spoke for themselves. It all sounded pretty easy, and before I did any further research, I called the company for more information. The girl I spoke to was very excited to help me get started, and asked me a bunch of questions about my medical background. She was nice enough, but when I asked her how much all of this was going to cost me, she sweetly said we would talk about that later. Red flag number one, right? Our conversation was cut short when customers started arriving in my store, so I told her I would call back later. I spent all day thinking about this program, and trying to rationalize why a smart girl such as myself would even think of doing something so extreme when it sounded too good to be true...not to mention scary and unhealthy. But desperate times call for desperate measures, right?


    Just as I was about to leave work for the day, Holly, one of the holistic health counselors in my town came in for some lunch. I asked her what she thought about this program and she looked at me like I was covered in swamp grass. She asked me the same question I had been asking myself. Why in the world would I consider doing that? It was total desperation, I told her. I only had a month before my final fitting. Holly, being the kindhearted soul that she is, told me she would help. She wanted me to start with a protocol of daily juicing. I am to drink three fresh green vegetable juices everyday, consume no dairy, and limit my alcohol consumption (ok, so she used the word "eliminate" but I told her there was no way...been there, done that!). I could have one light meal a day, and drink a ton of water. She told me that not only would I lose the weight, but that my skin would be glowing and radiant when I walked down the aisle. So I started immediately.


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    I had my first juice that afternoon and a fairly light dinner. I was hungry in between but I didn't give in. The next day, I had my three juices and a light dinner. I was noticeably less hungry and had already dropped a couple pounds. I saw my friend the chiropractor on Friday since my back has been hurting, and he confirmed that I should lay off the dairy since it can be an inflammatory food, and that it would aid in my weight loss. He wanted me to write down what I eat and drink for the next week to see if he can connect it with my back problems. Good, that would get me back into the journaling again, something that I have nearly stopped doing.


    I feel so lucky to have all of these great people in my life who are willing to help me on my journey of health and weight loss. I know that I have an advantage over most people because of this, so I can't take it for granted. I almost gave in to society's idea of an easy way out, but I know better. It just took two people being there at the right time and place to remind me that nothing worth having is ever easy, and hard work pays off eventually. I'm going to do this the right way, even if it's the hardest thing I ever do. I know I will thank myself in the end.

Published On: August 02, 2010