New Year's Resolution Blogger: The After-Wedding Calorie Count-Up

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  • The big day has come and gone and I cannot begin to express the happiness and relief that I've been feeling since. I could not have asked for a more perfect day. Not a cloud in the bright blue sky, and sixty-eight breezy degrees. Everything went off smoothly and totally drama-free. The look on my groom's face was everything I imagined it would be as I made my way down the aisle, and he told me how beautiful I looked when I stood next to him, the sand and ocean presenting the most amazing backdrop I could have hoped for. As we exchanged rings and spoke our vows, the only thoughts in my mind were the love I felt for him and the life we were beginning together. Not once did any negativity about my body or my dress cross into the picture.

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    After the "I do's", we had to stand for the photographer for about a half hour. It was then that I started to notice how hungry I was. Starving, in fact. I had eaten a light breakfast and had a small snack before the ceremony, so by the time we made it into the reception and had our first dance, I was ready to tear into the hors d'oeuvres. That's when someone told me that there weren't any left. Damn! That's ok. We still had a whole buffet waiting.


    A lot of brides I have spoken to told me that they were so busy at their reception that they never got a chance to eat. Ha! Not me. I cleaned my salad plate, and then cut to the front of the buffet one minded, I was the bride! I piled a little of everything onto my plate. And I do mean everything. I was stuffed when I finished but that didn't stop me from shakin' what my mama gave me out on the dance floor to our favorite songs. After we took a break to cut the cake, I went straight back out on the floor and did a couple of run-by tastings when it was eventually served. The chocolate peanut butter tier was divine.


    The reception went off without a hitch and we spent the rest of the evening partying with our friends at the hotel. The next morning, we headed north to the port in Norfolk for our Bahamas honeymoon cruise. Once on the ship, we discovered the mini-bar, room service, and endless food and beverage options. There was the 24 hour pizza and ice cream stations, the burrito and sushi bars, countless restaurants and buffets, and of course, a bar every few steps. And did we ever indulge!


    Our honeymoon could only be described as bliss. Aside from the traditional activities like a beach day, swimming with dolphins, couples massage, and gambling, I have to say that the thing that sticks out the most is all of the eating. There were moments when I simply could not believe that it was time for another meal. We ordered room service at 3 a.m. just because we could, had cocktails by the pool because it was fun, and ate dessert mid-morning just for the hell of it. Almost every great moment on that trip was accompanied by food or drink, and we loved every second. My body, unfortunately, didn't love it as much as my soul did. I ended up with the stomach flu, most likely due to a combination of cruise germs (apparently a common occurrence), overeating, and overdrinking. I'm also fairly positive that once the stress of the wedding planning was out of my head, it made its way down through my body and waged war. Thankfully, I was only sick for a few days (and in infirmary-ordered isolation for one of them), so it didn't ruin the experience.


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    But by the time I got home, I felt so ravaged, weak, and full that it's taken me nearly another week to recover. I admit that since I've been home and back to work, my eating habits have been nothing short of disgraceful, and I have not been back to the gym once. I can definitely feel the consequences, in my clothes and in my energy level. But ahhh, married life feels amazing. And as promised, I refuse to get too comfortable and let the pounds pile on. As happy as I am, I know it's time to get back to my healthier habits. I'm thinking I may even try setting a weight loss goal for this time next year. My next adversity is looking to be the holidays. Time to brace myself for more celebration.

Published On: November 03, 2010