New Year's Resolution Blogger: Back in the Saddle

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  • It's been just under three weeks since my return from my fabulous Bahamas honeymoon, and the real world at first proven to be a difficult pill to swallow. I was unable to go to the gym for the first two while my mother was visiting my step-dad in Florida. Her dogs require a lot of attention and care so instead of going straight to the gym after work, I instead rushed home to do the feeding and letting out routine. I tried to get in a bit of exercise at home when I could, but you may agree that distractions tend to get in the way more so at home than at the gym. I was also eating terribly, still on a high from the wedding and vacation, and unable to get back on track. By the time my mom came home, I was feeling lethargic, bloated, and cranky. I had also put on almost eight pounds! I knew it was time to get back in the saddle.

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    Just in the nick of time (and almost psychically coincidental), my trainer Sandy sent me a text telling me to meet her at the community soccer field the next morning. I thought this was very strange because we normally work out at the gym, but what the heck, I couldn't pass up the training regardless of the location. I got a little nervous driving over there knowing it had been almost a month since I had worked out. I knew I would be walking into the lion's den...I just didn't know the severity of the situation yet. When I arrived, I saw not only Sandy but her boyfriend Rick and two other women on the field, surrounded by a bunch of equipment. Seeing Rick almost sent me into cardiac arrest. The man is the most insane workout fanatic I have ever met. Apparently he has taken Sandy's workouts to a new level...scary. I was proud of myself for parking instead of driving away.


    The next half hour was a blur of sit ups, pushups, walking lunges with weighted bags, and my personal nightmare, burpees. Ten reps of each exercise followed by a jog up what seemed like Mount Everest, repeat exercises, climb the next peak, repeat exercises, come down Everest, and repeat the entire thing once more. I felt like the gates of hell had swallowed me, and Sandy took notice. She asked me if I was ok a few times, and even though I wasn't, I lied and kept on going. My legs burned, I could barely breathe, and my arms felt like lead. I had no choice but to eventually walk up those monster hills and cheat on the burpees, but at the end I jogged down to the starting point, actually ahead of one of the other women. As I came down the homestretch and closer to the field, I saw that psycho Rick was timing and taping us. Apparently, he and Sandy are trying to start their own style of fitness program...and we were the guinea pigs.


    Exhausted but proud of myself, I made my way home with every intention of working out the next day. But as soon as I got out of bed, every single muscle clenched up and I nearly toppled over. Come work time on Monday, I was forced to walk backwards down the stairs just to be somewhat comfortable. Cutting vegetables was torture, and hopping up and down on my little stool was just amusing to my customers. But, I forced myself to go to the gym later. I just sat in the sauna for twenty minutes, stretched, and then did a short walk/jog on the treadmill. By Tuesday I was almost golden. After a fairly chill day at work, I cashed in my shower gift and got an amazing massage by my good friend Candace. After that, I took a Tai Chi class for the first time in thirteen years. I used to love Tai Chi as a teen, and the relaxing but challenging moves put me in the best shape of my life. I ran into my old teacher who invited me to her new class for free, as a wedding gift. So I plan to continue, at least for the next few weeks I think a combination of Tai Chi, a bit of Sandy, some running, and some gym time will definitely get my head right and my body on track. And with the diet changes I'm starting to make (and stick to!), perhaps by the end of the year I will be closer to-- rather than further away-- from my goals. The holidays will be a challenge, but I am ready to face them.

Published On: November 18, 2010