New Year's Resolution Blogger: Feeling Great...but Gaining Weight?

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  • The past two weeks have been really great, heath-wise. The decision to eat healthier for the sake of my hormones has stuck, and the motivation (baby maybe?) is strong. My first task was to eliminate caffeine and dairy, both significant hormonal disruptors. Caffeine because it affects the adrenal glands and can cause mood swings, fatigue, and bloat. And dairy because most commercial dairy cows are injected with growth and production hormones which the consumer in turn ingests. So far, I have been surprised with how good I'm doing. I have not had coffee in almost two weeks. And the only dairy I've had has been limited to raw cheese or goat's milk cheese (both are more easily digestible than regular cheese and generally are free of added hormones). I have cheated a little here and there (hey, some things never change) but for the most part I am extremely proud of myself. I never, I mean never thought I could get off the coffee. But I found an unusual yet delicious substitute in a roasted dandelion and chicory root drink that's actually satisfying and offers a ton of health benefits.

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    So I'm being more conscientious about what I'm eating and drinking. As far as the exercise goes, I've even been more conscientious about that too. True to my word, I've been working out regularly and trying to mix things up. I took my first Tai Chi class in years last week, which was everything I thought it would be. I've taken long walks, short runs, and done some weight and interval training in the gym. On Sunday, I even tried a Synergy class for the first time, which combines yoga and Pilates in a tough but energizing rhythm. It was really fun, and I was good and sore the next day. No walking down stairs backwards, but sore enough.


    With all the hard work I've been doing I assumed that there would be some payoff on the scale, but not so much. I've actually gained a few pounds in the last two weeks and I have no idea why. The only reasonable guess I can make is that my body is in yet another transition. I've noticed in the past that sometimes, when I make a serious change in my health habits, my body seems to get confused and hang onto the weight as if to protect and arm itself for the unknown road ahead. If this is true, then I should start to level off in the next few weeks before beginning to drop any weight. I could also be building up the muscle that I let go to flab last month, and as we all know, muscle weighs more than fat. So until I start to build up my strength again and my muscles turn to fat burning infernos, I will just have to be patient and hang in there. I have to say it's frustrating. I--like every other warm blooded, impatient American--want it all. And I want it now. But if I've learned anything over the past year, it's the necessity of patience. It truly is a virtue.


    Patience is a word I live by. Billy and I even inscribed the word in each other's wedding bands. It is a constant reminder to listen to one another, trust in ourselves and our future, and take things one day at a time. If I can do this for my marriage, I can certainly do it for my health. There is no doubt that I have the best of intentions. I always do. It's just a matter of finding my rhythm and keeping it. It's certainly not easy, but nothing in life worth fighting for ever is.

Published On: November 29, 2010