New Year's Resolution Blogger: A Year of Living and Learning

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  • With the countdown to the New Year underway, I've been noticing a lot of my friends posting their Facebook status as something to the tune of "Come on 2011, you've got to be better than 2010!" Don't people always say this every year? I have to say that, even though it could always be better, I've had a pretty great year. I established myself as a full-time manager at an organic market where I love to cook. I've become much closer to several amazing women, and cleaned out some not so great relationships too. And I married my best friend in the world. All and all, pretty darn awesome. There have been several downs too but the good outweighed the bad. So as far as I'm concerned, I don't think 2011 could be much better. But I can always shoot for the moon. Someone once said that even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

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    I had some pretty big goals at this time last year, and when I set out on this blogging adventure, I laid them out for the world to see. I wanted to lose thirty pounds before my wedding. I wanted to get more sleep, and learn to manage my stress better. Over the year, I certainly tried to accomplish my goals but a little thing called life kept trying to get in the way. There were lots of excuses, several small victories, numerous tears, and a few life-changing moments. As I sit and write this tonight, my heart is somewhat heavy but also growing full of hope as 2011 approaches. I didn't lose the weight (as a matter of fact, I gained it). I still get stressed, and my sleeping habits haven't really improved. In some ways, I have failed. But so what if I didn't accomplish all of my goals this year? I really did have a lot on my plate, and there is no one in my life who can't say I'm leaving 2010 with nothing learned. Granted, it's truly frustrating to be farther away from my physical goals. But every bit of wisdom gained brings me closer the breakthrough I need to succeed.


    Because of this year, and this blog, I have tried out things I never would have considered, just for the sake of having something new to discuss. I've also learned things about myself I may have never discovered had I not been examining my behavior so closely. I now know that I am most definitely an emotional eater, so that's something I can work on more seriously in the days ahead. I've learned that my body responds well to changing my routine, and very poorly to stress. I now know that trusting my instinct when it comes to using to heavy of a weight at the gym will lead to disaster, so I should listen to myself sometimes, not my trainer. And the list goes on and on. So no, all was definitely not lost.


    In thinking about my resolutions for 2011, the same thing keeps coming to mind. One day soon, I want to have a baby. So my intention is to first get healthy enough to get off the pill without my hormones fighting back. I also need cleanse my body of unwanted toxins and try to eat as cleanly as possible (after all, a baby needs to grow in a healthy environment). I also need to get super serious about losing weight because no woman wants to start off too heavy before she puts on the unavoidable baby weight. I know these are some serious goals with a serious result, so I am trying to formulate a plan that that will keep me on track. I have found that a few concrete items to start are better than a grand scheme, so here is what I have so far:

    1. No alcohol for at least a month. During that time, do a vitamin-assisted cleanse, and avoid sugar, processed food, wheat, and dairy.
    2. Make an appointment to see a hormone specialist and get a full panel test. Take next steps (supplementation, diet, etc.) based on results.
    3. Make an appointment to see a naturopathic doctor to discuss my health, hormone issues, and baby plans.


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    Those things are what I want to start with, and are good, clear, and attainable goals. I am not going to say yet that I want to lose a certain amount of weight, but rather focus on getting to know my body and taking the first necessary steps toward seriously getting healthier.


     On a broader note, I do hope that 2011 will bring with it a desire to improve my stress management as well as my eating and sleep habits. Financially, I would like to improve budget-making skills and reduce my debt. And I want to continue to find fun and interesting ways to make workouts better. These are only hopes, and I know I can bring them to reality over time. But if I've learned anything in 2010, it's to slow down and appreciate the present. I will sometimes make mistakes. I'll often eat foods I love but should avoid. And there's no doubt I'll skip the gym from time-to-time. But that's life, and perfection is never attainable. So here's to enjoying every moment. To doing our best (even when that doesn't seem good enough). And to taking even the smallest steps toward personal success. Here's to better-and maybe even amazing--2011.

Published On: December 29, 2010